; ECSO Reports: 4/29/20

ECSO Reports: 4/29/20

By | April 29, 2020 10:23 am

According to Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

April 18

Complainant on McKenzie Drive reported shots fired. Deputy met with complainant, who stated offender had shot a gun in the area and some pellets hit his house. Offender admitted to shooting a gun to kill a snake. Complainant wanted the incident documented in the event of further problems in the area.

April 20

Complainant on West Lawson Road/Cow Ford Bridge Road reported numerous stolen tools from two toolboxes that had been broken into over the weekend.

Complainant’s vehicle accumulated tar while traveling on Highway 23 North due to road work.

Complainant filed a report in reference to a victim being harassed by an offender. Offender had broken into victim’s residence during the harassment.

Complainant filed a report in reference to a burglary at one of his houses.

April 21

Complainant requested a deputy’s assistance with getting into her rental property after tenants left and locked the doors. Complainant also needed help collecting skipped rent from said tenants and was referred to the magistrate.

Complainant reported a theft from his mailbox. Complainant received confirmation that a smartwatch had been delivered to the mailbox, but when he checked, it was nowhere to be found. Complainant also reached out to delivery service, who stated the package had, in fact, been delivered and placed into mailbox.

April 22

Deputies responded to a gas station on Highway 80 West in reference to an intoxicated male threatening customers. Offender was arrested and transported to the jail.

Complainant received several items and later learned those items were possibly stolen. Complainant made reasonable attempts to return any of the items that were in her possession.

Deputies responded to the area of Fannie Brewer Road in reference to an argument between two males. Upon arrival, deputy met with complainant who stated a male wrecked his truck, approached him, and started yelling at him. Complainant showed deputy where truck was wrecked, but no one was around the scene. A black pick-up pulled up and the driver stated he picked the man up, took him down the road, and dropped him off. One deputy stayed with the vehicle while two others went to the area where the man was dropped off. Once in the drop-off area, one of the deputies saw an individual who said he saw the man get dropped off and run into the woods. Individual showed deputies to the wooded area. During that time, 911 received a call that someone matching the man’s description showed up at a house down the road, yelling about being chased by the cops and stating he had been in a wreck. Two deputies made contact with him and detained him for investigation. Third deputy arrived on scene and spoke with offender, who stated he was driving the vehicle, was on parole, and didn’t want to get in trouble because he had taken drugs. Deputies could tell offender was under the influence and arrested him. Offender was transported to Emanuel Medical Center for a blood test but became non-compliant in route, so he was taken to the jail instead.

Complainant filed a report and stated she had allowed two offenders to stay at her residence for a couple days, then asked them to leave due to them always fighting and doing drugs. Offenders left, then complainant left. While complainant was gone, offenders came back to her residence and took the rest of their belongings. When complainant arrived back at her residence, offenders were departing with a trailer load of items. When complainant went back inside residence, she noticed some of her clothes were gone as well as two laptops.

Complainant stated a young male drove a motorcycle onto her property without permission. Complainant stated she had attempted to contact offender but was unable to gather any of his information. Report was filed for documentation purposes.

April 23

Victim reported offender for cashing forged checks at his business. Victim provided video footage of transactions and provided copies of the checks. Case was turned over to investigators.

Victim stated offender had been sending harassing text messages. Deputy contacted offender and told him to stop all contact, to which he agreed.

Complainant reported offender for harassing her on Facebook.

Deputy responded to East Oak Park Avenue for a civil matter. Complainant stated her son took her car for a “joyride” earlier that day. Complainant further stated she had already spoken with her son’s probation officer, who advised her to have the sheriff’s office document the incident so probation could follow up on the issue.

April 27

Complainant reported that on April 25 at 5 p.m., she left her residence and left her three dogs locked inside. When she returned later that night, two of her dogs were outside and her doors were unlocked but closed. Complainant also stated on April 26, she left her residence but left the doors unlocked. When her child came home, the doors were locked and she couldn’t get inside. Complainant stated when she returned home later that night, the doors had been unlocked. Nothing was missing or disturbed, and no signs of forced entry were located.

Complainant struck a deer while traveling Lambs Bridge Road.

Complainant reported being cursed at and pushed into some bushes while attempting to give offender a letter from the magistrate court.

Complainant reported being stalked by a male individual in a local business back in February. Complainant also stated she believed the same subject came to her house on April 25 and asked about her pond. Complainant added on April 25, her sister had an encounter with a male on the complainant’s property. Complainant believed all three encounters were with the same subject and wanted the incidents to be documented.

Deputies responded to a welfare check. Scene was turned over to investigator.

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