You are beautiful just the way you are

by | September 12, 2019 5:13 pm

Being a columnist is a touch-or-go situation. Sometimes, the words flow without effort, while other times, we draw a complete blank.

My fellow columnist, Shirley Twiss, will attest to this fact. We must have inspiration from sources other than ourselves. If we are foolish enough to pat ourselves on the back or inflate our egos, we are very foolish. We cannot take credit for the spiritual inspiration which God provides. If we write articles on our own without spiritual inspiration, we will surely fall on our face and will not get our message across.

Mrs. Twiss and I get our inspiration from everyday life. The inspiration for this article came from a song that randomly came from the radio while I was headed to the grocery store.

This song struck a chord in my heart, and my spirit began to rejoice and sing. The title of the song should be a mantra for everyone’s life. It is, “You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are.” Repeat this to yourself again.

It made me realize that each one of us is God’s unique creation. If we are born in His image and likeness and He is perfection without blemish, then who are we? We must accept the fact that we are worthy in His sight to pursue a life of complete happiness. We don’t have to struggle anymore because we are beautiful just the way we are. We don’t have to listen to what the “world” tells us because the things of this world and its materialism will eventually pass away. Where will we go then for confirmation that we are beautiful in our own way? Certainly, this troubled world of today does not have the answer. Only God is there for us.

Recently, I heard a loving mother brag about how well her daughter was doing in school. We were aware that her daughter had some health issues that were never going away. She is in special education.

The mother said the girl scored the final two points in a basketball game, which the coach had sent her in for the last minute of the game. The mother was beaming with pride. It was the only minute she had played in the last four years.

Someone asked the mother if she had a chance, would she be willing for God to make her daughter completely whole? The mother responded, “No, I would never doubt that it was His plan to make my daughter special in her own way. She would not be who she is today if it were not for God’s foresight, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t change a thing about her because she is beautiful just the way she is.”

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