Donaldson appointed mayor, Fields fulfills vacant mayor pro tem capacity

by | August 22, 2019 12:50 pm


Twin City council and Mayor Eileen Dudley convened August 13 for their monthly meeting at the Twin City Police Department. Following the 6:30 p.m. workshop meeting, normal session of the city’s regular meeting began after the conclusion of committee reports being given by councilpersons.

At this particular meeting, Mayor Dudley made the announcement of her decision to resign as mayor of Twin City. Her speech was as follows:

“To the commission,

After consulting with our city attorney, it has been determined that Mayor Pro Tem Matt Donaldson must resign the office of city commissioner to run for mayor. Our city charter does not require this, but it is a requirement of Georgia state law.

Matt’s presence and position is critical to the continued, compliant operations of city business. Currently, Matt prepares the annual budget and all budget amendments to comply with Georgia state law on appropriations, and he reviews and approves all city expenditures. He ensures proper coding to appropriate city departments and expense line items. Matt also reviews monthly expenditure and revenue reports in relation to the budget, sets the annual millage rate with proper advertising, and he has overseen the annual audit process each year. Matt could not oversee these critical functions if he were not in office.

These critical functions cannot be neglected even for a few months. In a small city like ours, elected officials must take a greater daily management role than elected officials in larger cities which have bigger staff. This is very much the case with the financial management role Matt has taken on.

It was my goal from the beginning of my term to right the ship of Twin City and make sure everything was done above board and in compliance with Georgia state law. We have achieved this goal, and it is critical that we maintain this accomplishment. Therefore, for the continuity of city operations, it is essential that Matt remain in office.

To that end, I hereby resign my office as the Mayor of Twin City with the intentions that Mayor Pro Tem Matt Donaldson be appointed to fill my unexpired term. In the absence of a mayor, the mayor pro tem shall take over.

It has been my great honor to serve the people of Twin City. I will continue to be involved as a volunteer as I work to complete some projects that have been important for the city and to me.

Respectfully yours, Eileen M. Dudley, Mayor.”

Following Dudley’s big announcement, Donaldson resigned from his council position as mayor pro tem of Twin City. He stated the following:

“Mayor Eileen M. Dudley has resigned the office of the mayor of Twin City. If the resignation occurs within…

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