; Jail List 6-12-19

Jail List 6-12-19

By | June 12, 2019 11:40 am

The following persons have been booked into Emanuel County Jail, according to Emanuel County Sheriff Tyson Stephens, on warrants obtained by one of several local law enforcement agencies, designated by each name: Drug Task Force (DTF); Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI); Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole (GAPP); Georgia State Patrol (GSP); Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO); Swainsboro Police Dept. (SPD); Stillmore Police Dept. (SMPD); Twin City Police Department (TCPD); Garfield Police Dept. (GPD); Adrian Police Dept. (APD); Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU); Intensive Probation Service (IPS); or Probation Office (PROB).

Jonathan Clarence Tillman, 31, 417 Braswell Blvd.; entered 6/3/2019; Speeding 15-29 MPH over, Driving lic susp/rev, Child support/Superior Court contempt order, Child support/Superior Court contempt order; released 6/4/2019; SPD

Jeremy Edward Saxon, 34, 920 Perkins Rd., Millen; entered 6/3/2019; SPD bench warrant; released 6/5/2019; SPD

Austin Arshane Stevenson, 31, 221 East Pine St. Apt. D-5; entered 6/3/2019; Probation/Superior Court; ECSO

Phillip Samuel Jones, 25, 207 Blue Rd.; entered 6/3/2019; Aggr stalking, Violation of TPO; ECSO

McCain Thomas Parker, 31, 28 Summertown Smith Rd., Midville; entered 6/4/2019; Seat belt violation, Dui/alch, Fail to maintain lane; released 6/4/2019; ECSO

Stacia Ambrianna Burke, 17, 2088 Old Wadley Rd.; entered 6/4/2019; VGCSA marijuana/poss less than oz//mids, Dui/drugs, Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 6/4/2019; SPD

Mack Jackson, 75, 2329 Spann Rd., Wadley; entered 6/4/2019; Driving lic susp/rev, Failure to maintain lane, Dui/2nd offense; released 6/5/2019; GSP

Murrell Crystal Butler, 36, 543 Center St.; entered 6/4/2019; Speeding 15-29 MPH over, Driving lic susp/rev; released 6/4/2019; ECSO

Katie Elizabeth Kirkland, 17, 518 C. North Green St.; entered 6/4/2019; Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 6/5/2019; SPD

Jehoshua Higgins, 19, 1288 F J Hart, Wadley; entered 6/4/2019; VGCSA marijuana/poss less than oz//misd; SPD

Donald Irwin Marsh, 36, 223 Industrial Dr.; entered 6/5/2019; Obscn mati/distrib, Eavesdrop/surveil/unlawful; released 6/7/2019; Walk-in

Carolyn Gilmore, 56, 529 Gumlog Rd. Apt. P-4; entered 6/5/2019; Theft/shoplifting, Theft/shoplifting; released 6/5/2019; SPD

Virgil Scott Barwick, 37, 843 Prosperity Dr.; entered 6/5/2019; Theft/rec/stolen prop, Theft/rec/stolen prop, Theft/rec/stolen prop; ECSO

Michael Bernard Stanford, 29, 602 King Circle Dr.; entered 6/5/2019; Child support/Superior Court contempt order; ECSO

Steven Ray Pierre, 32, 34 Leopard Dr.; entered 6/5/2019; VGCSA marijuana/poss less than oz//misd; released 6/5/2019; SPD

Andrew Joshua Hunnicutt Jr., 50, 21 Outreach Ln., Soperton; entered 6/6/2019; Probation/Superior Court; DCS

Rodger Dale Barwick, 54, 3049 Hwy. 178, Lyons; entered 6/6/2019; Fail pay/agr.prod; released 6/6/2019; ECSO

Benjamin F. Stavely, 48, 2689 Hwy. 1 North; entered 6/6/2019; VGCSA possession of drug related object, Taillight requirements, Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 6/7/2019; ECSO

Jarrett Reid Tanner, 17, 410 Old Nunez Rd.; entered 6/6/2019; Disorderly conduct; released 6/7/2019; SPD

Daniel Brian Holden, 38, 137 Lewis Rd.; entered 6/7/2019; Driving lic susp/rev, Dui/drugs; released 6/7/2019; GSP

Jerry Lee Johnson, 55, 150 Glennwood Rd.; entered 6/7/2019; Disorderly conduct; released 6/8/2019; SPD

Christopher Sanchez Parker, 36, 958 Hwy. 1 South; entered 6/7/2019; Theft/shoplifting, Obstr/ofc, Obstr/ofc, Burglary, Probation/Swainsboro PD/Middle Ga Probation; SPD

Cassandra Dawn Hobson, 33, 81 Alcott Dr.; entered 6/7/2019; Weekend probation; released 6/9/2019;

Michael Billy Spivey, 49, 11 Hill St., Wrightsville; entered 6/7/2019; Probation/Swainsboro PD/Middle Ga Probation, Dui/alch, Fail to maintain lane, Seat belt violation; released 6/10/2019; SPD

Adrian Pierre Calloway, 39, 7305 Collingwood Ln., Alpharetta; entered 6/8/2019; Obstr/ofc; GSP/SPD

James Otis Landingham, 28, 3514 Chastain Ln., Marietta; entered 6/8/2019; Obstr/ofc; GSP/SPD

Kawan Kwame Joseph, 38, 1490 Fisher Rd., Southeast Atlanta; entered 6/8/2019; Dui/alch, Failure to maintain lane, Duty/stop at scene/hitrun/leave scene; Obstr/Hindering of officer; GSP/SPD

Barney Dewayne Sheppard, 27, 291 Blackberry Rd.; entered 6/8/2019; Reckless driving; released 6/8/2019; ECSO

Terica McMillian Anthony, 39, 115 Austin Ave. Apt. 308, Warner Robins; entered 6/8/2019; Driving lic susp/rev, No insurance, Expired tag; released 6/8/2019; ECSO

Ladarius Detrell Watkins, 21, 607 Pumping Station Rd., Sparta; entered 6/8/2019; VGCSA possession marijuana w/ intent to distribute; released 6/10/2019; SPD

Mondrico Deon Seals, 20, 75 Open Trail Drive Dr., Sparta; entered 6/9/2019; VGCSA possession marijuana w/ intent to distribute, Taillight requirements; released 6/10/2019;

Angel Shanika Tarver, 27, 529 Gumlog Rd. Apt. M-1; entered 6/9/2019; Driving lic susp/rev, Headlight requirements, Operation of unsafe vehicle; released 6/9/2019; SPD

Rafael Brian Jordan, 36, 812 King Circle Dr.; entered 6/9/2019; Dui/alch, Driving while unlicensed/expired, Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified place; released 6/9/2019; GSP

Anthony Tyronne Cade, 52, 250 West 62 St., Jacksonville, Florida; entered 6/9/2019; Failure to maintain lane, Failure to report accident with damage or injury, Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 6/9/2019; ECSO

David Allison Windbush, 58, 886 Mathews Rd., Sandersville; entered 6/9/2019; Hold for Richmond County; released 6/10/2019; ECSO

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