SPD Report 1-30-19

by | January 31, 2019 11:33 am

Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

January 17

Officer responded to the police department three different times in one day in reference to two  offendes pawning the titles to three different vehicles that did not belong to them. The owners of the vehicles reported the titles being stolen and their name forged on each. When asked for the return of vehicles, the lien holder declined due to lien on vehicles.

Complainant reported harassing communications.

Victim reported his an offender stealing his social security card and birth certificate, using his identity to get things in the victim’s name.

Complainant reported a stolen credit card being stolen and used at a local business. After further investigation, the offender was identified. Victim in this matter chose not to press charges.

January 18

Officer escorted one individual from Middle Georgia Probation to the Emanuel County Jail.

Victim reported harassing phone calls from two offenders.

Officer responded to 120 Louise St. in reference to a possible domestic. Upon arrival, it was reported that the victim had been paying for the offenders car, that was owed by the offender. The offender arrived on scene to recover the vehicle after a dispute on the phone. The victim reported the offender possible struck her in the back of the head with a closed fist and proceeded to attack the victim until her dog began to bark, in which the offender attacked the dog as well.

Officer was dispatched to 414 South Main St. in reference to a shoplifter.

January 20

Officer was dispatched to 501 South Main St. in reference to a damaged vehicle.

January 21

Complainant reported damage to vehicle.

Officer respond to 414 South Main St. in reference to a lost or stolen cell phone.

January 22

Officers were dispatched to 849 Prosperity Dr. in reference to a domestic in progress between a husband and wife. Upon arrival, the husband reported being jumped by his wife and wanted her to instructed to leave the home to stay with her mother or be taken to jail. After speaking with wife, she reported her husband slammed her down on the couch and refused to let her go after she attempted to go through his phone. It was then reported that is when the wife began to attack the husband. Both parties were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officer made a traffic stop.

Complainant reported three suspicious males dressed in all black near the intersection of Tyson Street and West Moring Street. Upon observing the area, the three subjects hid behind an abandoned residence. Contact was made with one of the three, however, the other two fled.

Complainant reported a damaged vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to 225 Emanuel Rd. in reference to a complainant reported her neighbor taking pictures of her dog in the yard. She also reported the neighbor advising the complainant that she did not have the right kind of leash for the dog. It was further reported that the complainant had posted “No Trespassing” signs in her yard that have mysteriously disappeared.

Officers were dispatched to 699 Kite Rd. in reference to a burglary that happened the prior night. Victim reported arriving at the location, when he found the back door of a building unlocked. Also found was a garden hoe laying on the floor. After noticing a closet had been busted out, the victim immediately stepped outside and called 911. It was also reported that a safe had been removed from this location, as well as front door window had been removed and lower lock and chain and outside handle being broken from the door. Victim further reported $30-40 being removed from a red box on top of a refrigerator and a couch cushion over being removed.

Victim reported an unknown person or persons damaging a gate in located at 301 Industrial Way and entered the property. Victim reported several items being missing, but stated that the one thing that was known to be stolen was a small hand vacuum.

Victim reported a change purse containing change, social security cards, insurance cards, EBT card, drivers license in it, and prescription card being stolen from her vehicle.

A lieutenant from the Perry Police Department contacted SPD officer in reference to fraud. It was reported that the offender used the victim’s bank account information to cash a check at a bank in the amount of $1,887.16. The offender was reported to currently incarcerated in Lyons.

January 23

Complainant reported a miscellaneous report.

Officer responded to 720 Empire Expressway in reference to a possible computer fraud.

Officer was dispatched to 501 South Main St. in reference to damaged vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to the area of King Circle Dr. in reference to a female being taken into the woods against her will. Upon arrival, it was reported that a dispute had occurred between two individuals. Victim in question reported that the offender did not attempt to take her in to woods, that they were fussing and was leaving the house.

Officer was dispatched to 105 North Anderson Dr. in reference to a burglary. Complainant reported the door to his residence had been kicked in while he was in the hospital. Furthermore, complainant reported $300 being stolen from a suitcase.

Officer responded to 411 McLeod Bridge Road Apt. 412 in reference to a dispute. Victim reported coming home to find her jewelry being broken and scattered on the floor. She then reported her boyfriend throwing her cell phone on the floor, causing it to break.

Complainant reported a dispute.

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