; Twin City City Council holds regular meeting

Twin City City Council holds regular meeting

By | October 14, 2014 1:42 pm


The Twin City City Council held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. After the approval of the minutes, the council discussed the reworking of the water department fees, which will be on next month’s agenda, and the county-wide training for the fire department that was held in Twin City.

   John Scott was on the agenda to speak regarding the mandatory garbage service, but was not present. The council heard an update on the garbage service, which stated that the carts had been delivered and were picked up properly. The trash service ran behind on their first run due to a breakdown, but all should be running smoothly. The charges for the mandatory garbage pickup will appear on the November 15 bills.

   Jule Bady then addressed the council regarding an ongoing park project. Bady has collected over 50 signatures from the community in support of modifying and updating the park by putting in more equipment. He brought a proposed layout and several plans. The council requested that Bady have suggestions for funding and grants and a total cost estimate by the beginning of the year.

   Councilman George Archer spoke on updates to the landfill situation. It was discussed with the Emanuel County Commissioners about bringing trash back to the Emanuel County Landfill, and Archer also spoke with Candler County to contract with them for one year at $20 per ton. The council voted to have the contract with Candler County ready to go at the next meeting.

   Eileen Dudley addressed the council on behalf of Historic Twin City GA Inc., announcing the Christmas parade will be November 29. She will meet with Chief Johnny Lane to iron out road closures. There will be a tour of homes on December 4 involving homes, churches and the O.A. Hall store. She also announced that the Department of Transportation will be installing the metal Historic District signs within the month, and the wooden signs would be up within the week (see the Twin City Express in this week’s edition.) Dudley also gave an update on the Downtown Association goals and the reevaluation coming up for the program. Also discussed were the renovations to the Pavilion. The City will take care of the roof and wiring, and Dudley is looking into grants for the rest.

   The council discussed the city’s official Halloween trick or treat date. There were concerns due to that night being an away game for the ECI football team, but the council, after discussion, voted to hold trick or treating on Halloween night.

   The council voted to approve the new millage rate of 7.364, a rollback from last year’s millage rate. 

   In other business:

   • The application for liquor, beer and wine license by Christopher Stanford was rescinded.

   • The council heard updates on the personnel handbook. Changes and edits will be available at the next meeting.

   • The council discussed acoustic fabric for the meeting room, which will cut down on noise and allow items to be hung using velcro rather than nails.

   • The council discussed the CDBG grants for the sewer systems.

   • The council voted to to keep the Twin City Community Art Gallery in its current location. It was discussed that the gallery needed to be moved due to damage on the walls in the meeting room, but the issues were addressed and it was decided not to move the gallery.

   • The council discussed the painting of three Twin City Police Department vehicles and the re-lettering of two cars. The third car will be repainted but not lettered. The council asked for more quotes to be submitted before final approval is granted.

   • The Twin City Recreation Department was named Agency of the Year by the GPRA for towns of less than 20,000 people. An article about this award will be in next week’s edition.

   • After executive session, the council voted to accept Lt. Hank Withers’s move to part time status at the Twin City Police Department, and voted to hire McKevis Kail.

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