; Submission involves both partners

Submission involves both partners

By | October 14, 2014 1:00 pm


Quite often when we hear the word submission in regards to a relationship we quickly envision the woman doing what she’s told by her husband.  But submission involves so much more than just following rules.  And in any healthy relationship, the couple quickly realizes that men and women have equally demanding areas of submission.  

   When couples submit to each other self-sacrifice is required; not because they MUST follow a particular rule but because they want to or choose to adhere to a particular standard. This is not always easy or convenient. For example, when the woman chooses to follow her husband’s leadership and sees herself as being subordinate in the relationship, she’s acting under submission. This does not mean that she’s frail or weak but she’s made a conscious decision to honor her husband’s position; not that he deserves it in his own merit but because it is the right thing to do. Her spirit guides her in this area and she knows that she will be treated with dignity and respect because both of them are responsible for their actions. 

   Furthermore, because this is a choice she’s made, she doesn’t change her mind and try to strip his headship away from him by using tactics such as nagging, deception, or manipulation in times of light afflictions. Neither does she sit passively by while her husband makes all the decisions. They work together as a team to resolve issues. In the submissive relationship, when the couple cannot agree upon how to handle a specific situation, the man makes the final decision accepting total responsibility on his shoulders. During this time, the woman knows that her role is that of support and encouragement. 

   Submission isn’t as terrible as it may seem and can be very powerful in a relationship. But submission demands humility from both partners.  

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