Play in the relationship

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Laughing and having fun together helps you reconnect with your partner’s playful side. It also assists in determining how your partner likes to have fun. Moreover, a little humor and playful interaction can go a long way in relieving stress and tension by helping you see the brighter side of light afflictions. In fact, couples in healthy relationships have discovered that most situations don’t appear so bleak when they approach them with appropriate humor. Therefore, these couples make a habit of laughing together whenever possible. They realize that play isn’t just for kids and that it can be used as a mechanism to build trust; maintain a balance of excitement and interest between each other; and bring them closer together. Couples who laugh and play more believe that their relationships are quite solid and fulfilling. They contend that one of the reasons they are more satisfied in the relationship is because of the humor. Initiating playful jokes and talking about humorous moments that the two of them have shared stimulates interest in their everyday dialogue. 

   Avoid being stifling (or boring) and focus on having fun together. You may have to actually learn how to play again if your playful attitude has become rustic over the years. If that’s the case, recall something you thought was hilarious and start laughing in the presence of your partner. For laughing is contagious and attractive. Just hearing you laugh will arouse your partner’s brain to smile and join in on the fun. Shared laughter will keep your relationship fresh and exciting as playful communication creates a sense of intimacy and emotional connection. Couples in healthy relationships find that laughter draws them closer to each other as a stronger bond is created. This bond can serve as a buffer against arguments and frustration. Many couples reserve frequent quality playtime in order to improve their temperaments, unwind, and revitalize their bodies. As a result, they are able to think and communicate better; keep their own emotions in check; relate in a positive way to each other; and put things into perspective as creativity and problem solving abilities are enhanced. Set aside time to entertain each other by planning a fun date night, watching comedy movies, or just acting silly because the couple that plays together stays together. 

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