Barb’s Bookshelf: Jimmy Morgan

by | December 26, 2007 12:00 am

Barb Moore

I read a beautiful treasury of Christmas poems back during October, and vowed that I would write about them come Christmas time. This treasury was published three years ago, and contains a Christmas poem for every year beginning in 1975 and ending the year of publishing. I have no doubt that the author has continued writing Christmas poems in 2005, 2006, and this year, 2007.

The title of this marvelous little book is “A Celebration of Christmas,” and indeed, it certainly is! These Christmas poems are tales to warm our very souls; blessings for our spirits; and tell of shepherds in the night, bells jingling, Christmas créches coming to life, sorrows, famines, worldly blessings and woes. But all contain a very special message: one of hope, and love, and faith, and kindness, and blessings for all of God’s children, not just at Christmastime, but throughout the year.

Our own Mr. Jimmy Morgan wrote these “Poems to Praise the Spirit of the Season” over the last thirty years. In his own words, “A long time ago I got into the habit of composing a poem at Christmastime to be included with the family Christmas cards, and once you get into that sort of a habit there never seems to be any place to stop.”

I urge you readers to share this book with your loved ones, your friends, as Mr. Jimmy has done for all these years. They contain the true spirit of Christmas, and the blessings that are ours all year long.

While I was trying unsuccessfully to locate Mr. Jimmy’s Christmas book in our library, ( it was currently checked out) I happened upon yet another book written by him, entitled “How the World Looks to a Georgian: Insightful, witty, informative travel essays by another Jimmy from Georgia.” What a wonderful surprise! I had no idea! Well, let me tell you, I had to check it out. This volume was published in 1978, and contains selected compositions from Morgan’s travels during the 1960-s and 1970’s. Interspersed among these delightful tales are a few from his days serving our country during World War II. Mr. Jimmy’s portrayal of the world, beginning with England and France, gives one an insight not only of famous landmarks, but of the many interesting people he met. Remember, this time period was very much post-war Europe. He describes the cities, the architecture, the food, the people in such vivid detail, one can imagine being there. For instance, in Delphi, Greece, Mr. Jimmy dropped in on a Greek Orthodox Church service one Sunday. He tells us that it’s not like an American service; it goes on and on… (bear with me here), you just come and go as you please. Imagine doing that at your church when the minister gets a little long-winded! He traveled the South Pacific Islands, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and all across the United States. Throughout this travel piece, which is so much more, is the feel that, like Dorothy, “There’s No Place like Home!”

This is a great little book which tells it like it was, (and for the most part, probably still is.) I highly recommend it for travelers and dreamers alike.—Barb Moore is assistant library manager of Franklin Memorial Library.

  • Barb’s Bookshelf: Jimmy Morgan
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