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I read with interest the article “Engineering firm to study Swainsboro bypass.” The District Traffic Engineer cites ignorance of driving on a divided four lane as a contributing factor in many accidents. I agree with him, but would also like to point out that none of the intersections are lighted and it is hard to see the painted indicators (I think reflectors would help) and not all have the same traffic signs; i.e., right turn lane onto US 1 at the north end has a yield sign; no yield sign is present at the south end, etc. I hope the engineers will take a look at these problems. The lack of appropriate signs has already been addressed but there have been no changes/upgrades to this date. Also, it would be great to see published, in the form of diagrams, who has the right of way in different situations. I feel this would be the most ideal way to educate the public.

When it comes to driver education, it would also be great to see the public educated on where a vehicle should be stopped at intersections; i.e., what the wide white lines are for, not stopping in crosswalks and also the proper place to change lanes when entering a left turn (“suicide”) lane, etc.

Oh, almost forgot, how much will this survey cost us, the taxpayers??





Each week I look forward to receiving my copy of

The Forest Blade

—whether it be a week late or as often is the case, two weeks late or two copies arriving at the same time. I found the Feb. 2 issue to be of particular interest for several reasons.

First, Ronnie Johnson’s letter to the editor concerning the late “Mr. Bill” was right on!Unfortunately, he didn’t carry his accolades nearly far enough nor did he include one of the primary players. Don’t forget Miss Vicki—a true lady! Mr. Bill and Miss Vicki were indeed a true pair, and were American and Emanuel County heroes, mentors, friends – and I could go on and on. What kindness, wit and wisdom! It’s too bad that

The Blade

is still not under the Rogers aura.

Secondly, I find myself instantly turning to the “Looking Back” section – and oh no, the “50 years ago” part specifically. Yes, I am starting to see most every week things that I remember – now that I’ve since by six years crossed the half-century mark.

Thirdly, I found it very interesting that the Franklin Library is now doing interviews with World War II veterans – a most worthy endeavor. Unfortunately, it is coming 10 to 20 years too late. Such should have started with the 40th or 50th Anniversary of D-Day when the ranks of the veterans were plentiful; their minds were sharp, and their steps crisp. We have lost forever so much knowledge and history from great heroes such as Bill Fordham, Bill Brannon Sr., and yes, my dad, David Bailey. And we’re losing more daily.

Unfortunately, as is the Swainsboro way—too little, too late.

Fourth, next to the article about the veterans’ interviews, it was noted that Mr. Jimmy Morgan spoke at the Kiwanis Club meeting comparing 1953 occurrences to the positive direction that Swainsboro is currently experiencing. I have known Mr. Morgan for many years and have the utmost respect for him, but this is one area that I am going to have to disagree with him. Each time I return “home” to visit, I find something else changed, and not all for the better. First it was the Court House Square. Unfortunately, the area looks like those beaches of Iwo Jima or Guadalcanal after a bombardment from the battleships off shore—totally barren and out of place— but it’ll be okay, we’ll just wait and see or replace. Who in their right mind came up with that idea?The magnolias and pecans sure looked good to me!And then there’s the bypass—y’all just go right on around our quaint little town, and please be careful doing so because more than likely, someone isn’t paying attention and is going to run the stop signs somewhere along your bypassing journey. And if you think that Swainsboro is in the “big time” since it will soon have a Super Wal-Mart, think again!Look at the crime statistics in and around the parking lots, neighborhoods, and businesses that have their locations near such stores. Look at the vehicular congestion trying to get into or out of such a location. And let’s not forget the “customer service”? And also, let’s not forget the death of the locally owned and operated stores. Swainsboro unfortunately has seen that all too often and it will continue. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen it before. That’s the Swainsboro way.

I must admit that one of the positives that I have seen is the extension of the runway at the airport. That will indeed allow all of those corporate giants to bring their jets into the airport to visit all of those plants that have chosen Swainsboro and Emanuel County to base their operation.


Montgomery, Ala.


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