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by | January 19, 2005 12:00 am

The following persons have been booked into Emanuel County Jail, according to Emanuel County Sheriff Tyson Stephens, on warrants obtained by one of several local law enforcement agencies, designated by each name: Drug Task Force (DTF); Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI); Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole (GAPP); Georgia State Patrol (GSP); Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO); Swainsboro Police Dept. (SPD); Stillmore Police Dept. (SMPD); Twin City Police Dept. (TCPD); Garfield Police Dept. (GPD); Adrian Police Dept. (APD); Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU); Intensive Probation Service (IPS); or Probation Office (PROB).

Those listed during the week of Jan. 11-17 and the charges against them are:

Bobby Gene Amerson, 37, 433 Thigpen Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/13/05; dis. cond.; released 1/13/05; ECSO.

Stan Amerson, 35, 95 Meadow Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/13/05; dis. cond.; released 1/13/05; ECSO.

Jill Harriet Barrett, 45, 200 Underwood Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/14/05; dis. cond.; released 1/14/05; ECSO.

Sherrice Wilson Bryant, 30, 1822 Chandler Rd. #60, Statesboro; entered 1/12/05; hold for Bulloch Co.; held; BCSO.

Wilder Darrell Canady, 49, 290 Hwy. 57 E., Swainsboro; entered 1/14/05; bench warr., child supp.; released 1/15/05; ECSO.

Franklin Daniel Carter, 35, Sunset Inn Rm. 23, Swainsboro; entered 1/14/05; aband. of child; held; ECSO.

Isaac Terry Carter, 50, 1696 Oconee Church Rd., Dublin; entered 1/11/05; sped., driv. while lic. susp.; released 1/12/05; GSP.

Clarence Cumbee, 34, 1463 Griffin Ferry Rd., Lyons; entered 1/16/05; bench warr.; released 1/16/05; SPD.

Eddie Lee Daniels, 51, 248 Oak Grove Church Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/17/04; dis. cond.; held; ECSO.

Juan Diaz, 24, 241 Griffin Ferry Rd., Stillmore; entered 1/15/05; dis. cond.; released 1/15/05; ECSO.

Ronald Brad Ely, 31, 43 Alcott, Swainsboro; entered 1/12/05; DUI, def. equip., op. of ATV on pub. hwy.; released 1/13/05; GSP.

David Wade Eubanks, 29, 696 Blun Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/16/05; theft by tak. of mot. veh., burgl.; held; ECSO.

Rodriqus Maurice Foster, 20, 625 Mist St., Swainsboro; entered 1/15/05; DUI, loud music; released 1/15/05; SPD.

Nelda Gallego Gallego, 30, 108 W. Church St., Swainsboro; entered 1/15/05; bench warr.; held; ECSO.

Brandon Luke Gardner, 21, 220 S. Racetrack St., Swainsboro; entered 1/14/05; prob., bench warr., crim. tres.; held; ECSO.

Isidor Gomez, 29, 11 BB Sutton Rd., Twin City; entered 1/14/05; driv. while unlic.; released 1/14/05; SPD.

Cynthia Ann Gregory, 35, Sunset Inn Rm. 23, Swainsboro; entered 1/14/05; bench warr.; held; ECSO.

Joseph Eric Hart, 25, 8850 Hwy. 297, Swainsboro; entered 1/16/05; speed., DUI, open cont.; released 1/16/05; GSP.

Steven James Henry, 32, 209 McKenzie Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/14/05; simp. batt., obst.; released 1/15/05; ECSO.

Catalino Lopez Hernandez, 34, 213 Maple Ave., Stillmore; entered 1/16/05; driv. while unlic., fail. to stop at stop sign; released 1/16/05; GSP.

Edgar Garcia Hernandez, 20, 336 South St., Stillmore; entered 1/15/05; driv. while unlic.; released 1/16/05; ECSO.

Latovia Fines Hines, 24, 14 West Forest States, Statesboro; entered 1/12/05; hold for Bulloch Co.; held; BCSO.

Willie Calvin Holloway, 47, 35 Jessie Holloway Rd., Portal; entered 1/15/05; driv. while lic. susp., exp. tag, def. equip.; released 1/15/05; TCPD.

Anthony Tyrone Holmes, 29, 1205 New St., Bartow; entered 1/14/05; bench warr; held; ECSO.

Patricia Johnson, 36, PO Box 15, Twin City; entered 1/11/05; pub. drunk, theft by tak.; released 1/12/05; TCPD.

Christopher George Jones, 29, 61 Ebenezer Church Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/16/05; DUI, speed., end. child, racing on road; released 1/16/05; ECSO.

Robert Troy Morris, 35, 209 McKenzie Dr. Lot 3, Swainsboro; entered 1/15/05; agg. assault, simp. batt, obst.; released 1/15/05; ECSO.

Leonora Guzman Nunes, 19, Lot 11 Leman Rd., Williams Trailer Park, Oak Park; entered 1/13/05; speed., driv. while unlic., no ins.; released 1/14/05; GSP.

Pascual Guzman Ocelo, 19, Rt. 2 Box 88 Lot 7, Metter; entered 1/16/05; fail. to main, lane, driv. while unlic.; released 1/16/05; ECSO.

Crystal Lynn Perry, 20, 6048 Hwy. 319, Bartow; entered 1/11/05; forg. in 1st deg.; held; ECSO.

James Willie Phillips, 19, 214 Lee St., Vidalia; entered 1/16/05; driv. while lic. susp., seat belt viol.; released 1/16/05; SPD.

Christopher Allen Presley, 41, 6E Talina Ln., Savannah; entered 1/14/05; dis. cond.; released 1/14/05; ECSO.

Johnny Lamar Roberts, 19, 65 Overstreet Rd., Swainsboro; entered 1/15/05; dis. cond.; held; ECSO.

George Rosenberg, 23, 1015 King George Blvd., Apt. 720, Savannah; entered 1/14/05; dis. cond.; released 1/14/.05; ECSO.

Joy Nekeia Smalls, 23, 203 Larchmont Dr., Savannah; entered 1/12/05; hold for Bulloch Co.; BCSO.

Calvin Ward, 23, 1507 East 32nd, Savannah; entered 1/13/05; firearm poss. by conv. felon, poss. of firearm dur. comm. of felony, agg. assault, poss. of stolen veh., interfer. with govt.; held; ECSO.

Sarah Griner Wheatley, 52, 609 Joy Lane, Swainsboro; entered 1/12/05; dep. acct. fraud; released 1/12/05.

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