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By | December 29, 2004 12:00 am


As the doors of Emanuel Medical Center Recovery Program are closed, we, as a staff, would like to take this opportunity to thank the communities of this and surrounding counties, the fellowship of AA and NA, local employers and businesses, churches and numerous individual concerned citizens, law enforcement, the judicial system, service agencies, etc. for the generous support you have offered us during our two years of providing a much-needed service to a forgotten many—the alcoholic/addict. You had faith in our program and we thank you. As was recently announced in

The Forest-Blade

, OBHS (Ogeechee Behavioral Health Services) will be taking over management, offering a different type of program to the chemically addicted. The present staff may no longer be serving the needs of this population.

In the two years we have been open, we have been fortunate and blessed to have met, worked with and learned from some of the most loving, talented, creative and generous people who happen to suffer from the disease of addiction. We do, without a doubt, believe that alcoholism/addiction is a disease and must be treated as such. Addiction is a disease that knows no prejudice and is all-consuming. The fellowships of AA, NA and Al-Anon have played an integral part in helping us meet the needs of a population in need of acceptance, love and support.

It saddens us to see this program, as we know it, end, but we do hope the many people who have become sober and worked hard in their recovery will continue to pass it on and “pay it forward.” As we leave, we offer our hopes for continued success as OBHS takes on the management of their new program for the people with this disease.




This year, my family and I were on our way from Swainsboro to Lyons for our annual Thanksgiving lunch. On the way, we were run off the road by an unknown person driving a white four-door pick-up truck. Just on the other side of Oak Park, he came around the curb in our lane forcing us to swerve. There was almost no shoulder but a very steep embankment. We rolled several times and eventually landed upside down trapped inside. The other driver never stopped. Fortunately, there were other drivers that saw what happened and stopped to help us.

My father is 80 and my mother is 74 and I’m no spring chicken. My air bag never deployed and I had to be cut out of the vehicle. When I came to a few minutes later, there were people everywhere. People on their way for their Thanksgiving travels began to stop to help. There were several State Patrol officers, several Emanuel County Sheriff’s deputies, an ambulance and two paramedics. When I was finally freed from the vehicle, I looked around and there must have been 50 people trying to help us. One gentlemen after seeing the vehicle, walked up to us and said “Ya’ll sure must be living right because this is nothing short of a miracle that you survived this accident.”

We want to thank all the law enforcement officers, medical personnel and all the people that made time in their busy schedules to stop and help. But we would like to extend a special thanks to Georgia State Trooper D.R. Garner, Swainsboro Post; and to Eric and Alaric C. Medlock of Vidalia. Thank you so much for your help and kindness and also to help restore our faith in our fellow mankind. Later, after seeing the vehicle, we realized it was a true miracle. So, my family and I are celebrating our Christmas miracle this holiday season and would like to extend our miracle to everyone this holiday season andhope that everyone has a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and a prosperous New Year.




Twin City


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