Times Not Forgotten: Fences have many faces ChristineColeman

by | November 26, 2004 12:00 am

Of course, I began to think of how things were when I was growing up on the farm in the1930s. All the farmers had wire fences around their property. This was to keep grazing cows, mules and horses from getting out onto public roads and on the property of other farmers. We also had barbed wire fences when needed. Years later, the no-fence law was enacted. Fences were no longer needed as before.

Some Other Uses And Names Of The Fence

Picket Fence: Long ago, brides-to-be always spoke of desiring a house with a picket fence. You’ll see them in pictures today. They stand about waist high.

Chicken Wire Fence:Of course, this is self explanatory. All farmers pleased their wives by making chicken wire enclosed areas to protect hens and biddies.

Invisible Fences: Very useful to keep dogs from straying and to keep unwanted animals from entering a specific area. The electric shock is convincible.

Split Rail Fences: My favorite of them all. I like to see a yard or farm of them evenly spaced. Reminds me of the Abe Lincoln era.

A Fence: As used to describe one who will buy stolen goods.

Emotional Fences: This is the saddest of all. People throw these up to keep from communicating with others.

Well, as I stated earlier, there’s many uses and names of “fences.”

I, for one, enjoy being in the company of others, and as Bing Crosby so ably put it, “Don’t fence me in.”)

Just think of it. This came about when I saw a house with razor wire around a chain link pen in the back yard.—

Christine Coleman lives in Swainsboro. Feel free to E-mail her at cfc@reicomputers.com

  • Times Not Forgotten: Fences have many faces ChristineColeman
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    1. Comment by Dcook

      January 1, 2018 at 10:55 am

      myself & some more old timers were arguing about the location & name of the Hlll Top Lounge/ bar that used to be in the Emanuel county area in the early 1900’s. Can you tell me anything about it? Location, owner and when it closed

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