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Veterans’ Day remembered

We are called upon and urged to remember those sacrifices made by our forefathers to secure our freedom. Among others, our people served in The Civil War, World War One, World War Two, The Korean Conflict and countless other battles and conflicts since then.

I am more familiar with World War Two than the others. Reason being, my husband ( whom I didn’t know at that time) and my two brothers served our country then. I was a teenager left to help my father on the farm with chores my two brothers would have been doing had the war not broken out. Thankfully, all three of these inductees returned unscathed (if you look upon war in that respect.)

At this time though, I’d like to dwell upon The Civil War. Of course, it’s known as the War Between The States, The War Of Northern Aggression, The War of Inconvenience, The War of Southern Independence, The Late Unpleasantness, etc.

My father’s father and my mother’s grandfather both served during this time. Wouldn’t it have been the “cat’s meow” if they had met, become acquainted and served in the same place and time frame?

My daughter and I often discussed this possibility, andwe wondered and wondered. Of course, that’s something I’ll never know. My mother’s grandfather was left in Virginia. A marker in Washington County denotes facts of his military service and his (approximate) date of death.

Two Sundays ago, there was an impressive Veteran’s Day Appreciation Program dedicated to the memory of our grandparents and great-grandparents. The able speaker (Dr. Willie Gunn) showed us comparisons and conflicts of “both sides.” (The North And South.)

He told us how we had many things in common and how we differed in others. In addition to singing “God Bless America” at the end of our service, we also sang “Dixie.” Of course, we know that’s a no-no today. But folks, our Northern relatives sang “Dixie”as well as having it sung for them on certain occasions.

There were other ceremonies last week honoring our veterans. I hope you had the opportunity to attend one or more. Did you fly that flag of yours to show you remember and respect our veterans and the price they and their families paid in order for us to have our freedom? Never, never forget the more recent wars and conflicts we’ve experienced during these last many years. Think of the loss of lives and the destruction of families caused by these engagements. We who are left are so blessed. Let us not forget to thank our veterans when we meet them on the street. I’m sure you join with me in saying, “God Bless America.”

Christine Coleman lives in Swainsboro. This Times Not Forgotten memory comes to mind as Veterans’ Day approaches and passes. Feel free to E-mail her at cfc@reicomputers.com

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