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by | November 17, 2004 12:00 am


Next Tuesday, Nov. 23, there will be a run-off to select a judge for the Georgia Court of Appeals. A low voter turnout is expected.

It is important for everyone to vote in this election. We need to insure the most qualified candidate is elected.

I encourage everyone to vote on Nov. 23.





Bobby Beecher’s column on “hate crimes” is right on the nose. Back when I went to Woodrow Wilson College of Law in the 1970s I never heard any talk of special categories of crimes based on supposed “hate”. It was a crime or no crime with no distinguishing groups. It should be so today. The concept is outrageous. A few years ago no one envisioned such absurdity.

Sociology has now nosed its way into the law. I always wondered – if a Methodist beats up a Lutheran, is it a hate crime? There is no end to where this nonsense can extend. But that is the purpose. It leads to endless interpretation, limitless meddling by the political and legal establishments, a statist dream.

Bobby always does a fine job with his columns, reminding me a lot of Joe Sobran (sobran.com) and that is top of the line writing. He should go national. Thanks for carrying his columns.





My name is Betty Hodges from Hodges-Moore Funeral Home in Statesboro. I wanted to send a note of thanks to Wendell and Zebe Durden and Scotty Hudson of Peebles-Curry-Durden Funeral Home for pulling together the hurricane relief effort for Florida. Our funeral homes work closely together as well as several others in the area. We all got together and decided to commit to supporting the relief of the people in Florida by filling a tractor trailer full of supplies the people of Florida requested.

The response from the residents of Swainsboro was overwhelming. The trailer went to Florida on Saturday, Nov. 6th. It was obvious a lot of time, work, and money had gone into this effort by a lot of people. Thanks to Peebles-Curry-Durden Funeral Home for being the local liaison. We were very excited with the outpouring of kindness shown to this effort. Your generosity will be appreciated by the hurricane victims of Florida. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to be a part of a relief effort to Florida. I saw first-hand the devastation. It will be a long time before the people overcome this disaster. Please remember these people in your prayers. Prayerfully, their faith in God will sustain them.


Hodges-Moore Funeral Home



I learned in grammar school in Oak Park that one should be loyal to the government of the country in which one lives. In July 1940, I joined the United States Marine Corps and heard the same message for 30 years while serving my country through two wars. During that period, it was a great pleasure to know that I was helping to defend the democracy of the most united country in the world.

During World War II, while serving in the Pacific, I received a letter from a young boy whose address was Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia, Penn., asking me to send him a shoulder patch insignia from my uniform because when he reached the age of enlistment, he wanted to join the Marine Corps. I gladly granted his request, feeling proud of the wonderful unity that existed during that period.

What has happened to that spirit of patriotism? Today, I am sadly disappointed to hear and watch what is going on in this country regarding our lack of patriotism and support for the United States ad the U.S. President, When we condemn our President, who we put in office as our leader, we are aiding and abetting the enemy. Let us not allow the news media, bipartisan politicians and others to destroy the wonderful democracy of the greatest country in the world. This serves only to prolong the activities of war.


Msgt., USMC, retired.

Oak Park

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