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  • Emanuel County Active Duty

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    The Forest-Blade will keep an active duty list of all Emanuel County natives serving at home and abroad.

    Submit name, rank, branch and hometown to The Forest-Blade, PO Box 938, Swainsboro, Ga 30401; call 237-9971; or e-mail us at



    TM2 Patrick O. Andrews, Naval Magazine Indian Island Port Hadlock, Washington.

    Anthony Wayne Archer, Twin City, ET2, US Navy, Seattle, Washington. Presently on USS Carl Vinson, Persian … Read More


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    Cooper Baptist Church in Twin City will host a Praise-A-Thon Friday, Dec. 31 beginning at 8 p.m. Members of the church will break in the new year by giving God praises. Breakfast will be served.

    SECRD results

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    Dec. 13

    Pee Wee Boys Basketball

    Hawks-20, Bucks-18

    Hawks: Steven Howard-8 pts.; Jacob Wedincamp-6 pts.; Tyrone Culbreth-4 pts.; ShaQuinton Scott-2 pts.

    Bucks: Jemerico Bell-18 pts.

    Mite Boys Basketball

    Lakers-10, Kings-9

    Lakers: Daven Robinson-4 pts.; Christopher Johnson, Raheem King-2 pts.; Nane Coleman, Tyler Brown-1 pt.

    Kings: Verlon Wadley-4 pts.; Joe Knight-3 pts.; Daryl Brown-2 pts.

    Midget Boys Basketball

    76 ers-30, Sonics-28

    76 ers: Mickey Smith-10 pts.; Shon Phillips-7 pts.; Octavious Gordon-6 … Read More

    Bypass hazards

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    Photo by Gail Douglas

    Numerous accidents have occurred at the Swainsboro Bypass since it opened in October. This accident at the intersection of Highway 56 and the bypass happened on Monday, Dec. 20 and involved three vehicles. Currently, only the intersection of Highway 80 and the bypass has a traffic light; all other intersections have stop signs. Motorists are constantly cautioned to be aware of the divided highway of the … Read More


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    Photo by Jacquie Brasher

    Nativity scenes like these are displayed all over Emanuel County as many residents prepare to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25. This nativity scene was on the lawn of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Swainsboro.

  • Nativity

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