SPD Report 7-10-19

by | July 10, 2019 10:45 am

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Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

June 28

Complainant reported a dispute.

June 29

Emanuel County 911 dispatched officer to a South Main Street address in reference to a shoplifting. Upon arrival, the offender was taken into custody following an attempted flee on foot.

Officer was dispatched by Emanuel County 911 to an address on McLeod Bridge Road in reference to terroristic threats and acts.

June 30

Officer made a traffic stop after the observance of a non-displayed tag on the back of a vehicle. During the traffic stop, the operator provided insurance, drivers licenses, and a bill of sale as well as a tag registered in the previous owner’s name, which was suspended. The operator was advised that the vehicle would be towed and proof of registration would need to be provided prior to obtaining the involved vehicle back. The driver was released on citation.

Complainant reported a dispute occurring between her and an offender, her boyfriend. Officer was informed that after the argument, the boyfriend took several articles of the complainant’s clothes and a purse containing her ID, debit card, and $185 in cash. The offender refused to give the complainant back her items and was gone upon arrival of officer.

Officer responded to a South Main Street address in reference to damaged property involving a gas tank hose. Upon arrival, officer was advised that the offender failed to remove a fuel pump hose before leaving and caused damage. The complainant further advised that the offender paid for the gas but refused to pay for damages done.

July 1

Officer responded to Jordan Estates in reference to a suspicious person asking interested individuals to perform a mouth swab test to determine hereditary cancer traits. The involved person advised results could be seen by downloading an app and stated he worked for a business in Augusta.

Officer responded to a Stevens Drive address in reference to profanity being written on the front wall of the house in sharpie. A report was requested for property owner.

Officer responded to an address on South Main Street in reference to a tire being slashed.

Officer made a traffic stoat Short Street and South Main Street in reference to an unregistered and uninsured vehicle being operated. Upon further investigation, officer learned the license plate in use on the vehicle was misrepresenting the vehicle identity as well as the driver’s license being suspended for failure to appear in 1997. In addition, the driver had multiple suspension charges prior to this encounter and had an outstanding warrant through Metter. The driver was transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

Officer made an arrest in reference to a probation warrant.

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