EGSC holds Spring Commencement Ceremony

by | June 6, 2019 12:30 pm

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On Friday, May 10, 2019, East Georgia State College held their annual Spring Commencement Ceremony. Speaker for the event was Regent Laura Marsh of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. The alumni speaker was Harley Strickland, while Zahnay Smoak served as student speaker.

“I’ve learned a lot these past few years,” Strickland shared in her speech. “Take a chance. Go for it. Whatever career path you choose, you’re going to have to take chances. If you take a chance, a lot of doors can open for you. You can’t be scared of failure. You’ll fail. It’s okay. I also want to tell you to think about your future, but don’t think too hard about it. Thinking about your future is a lot like thinking about a tattoo. That tattoo will be there for the rest of your life. The decisions you make could possibly impact you for the rest of your life. But don’t let it hold you back; if you make a mistake now, it’ll be a great story in the future.”

“I also want to ask you the question, ‘what is success?’” she continued, sharing a story from her pageant days when she was asked to define success. “If I was asked today, I’d have many successes. Your success may be getting this degree. It may be finding someone who loves you. Your success could be landing a dream job. Everyone has their own success. Always have a dream, and always have little successes along the way that you can accomplish that keep you on your path to that dream.”

Smoak then spoke to the assembled students and their families, thanking all for attending the ceremony. “We all chose East Georgia as our starting point for our postsecondary education, and for many different reasons,” she said. “We start small so that our ending will be big, and as we go our separate ways on different paths, remember that you illustrate your future by creating moments that inspire you, and you’re the author of your own book because you write the changes that you feel are necessary for your life.”

Regent Marsh then took the podium, sharing the following wisdom in her address, “The most difficult part of giving any type of graduation speech is trying to put into words the sacrifices that each of the people in this room have made in order for you to be here. I want you to take a minute to embrace this time, because it goes by quickly and I want you to remember it. Whatever titles you may have been known by in high school in your prior career when you walked in this auditorium tonight, you’re going to leave here with a different title: college graduate. And that’s a big deal.”

“What you’re doing here today is not only going to impact your future, but that of your children, grandchildren, and generations to come. It is an honor and a tool that can never be taken away from you,” she continued.

Regent Marsh then…

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