ECSO Report 6-12-19

by | June 12, 2019 11:21 am

Deputies with the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office reported…

June 3

Victim reported purchasing furniture from an offender on Facebook. After paying the offender a total of $200 for products during the month of May, the offender will not accept phone calls for the victim to receive purchased furnishings.

Complainant reported TPO violation after an offender followed and attempted to strike the complainant while riding down the road. It was further reported that the offender was ordered to vacant premises of complainant’s residence, but has since come to the location and retrieved a truck. Complainant also stated the offender has attempted contact through text messages and knows when complainant comes and goes from residential property.

Deputies were dispatched to an address on Joe Bynes Road in reference to a TPO violation. Complainant advised the offender entered onto property and appreciated complainant under the protection of an active TPO. The complainant also advised the offender broke into the residence and left a note prior to this. The offender was then located, placed under arrest, and transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

June 4

Deputies responded to an address on Old Kenfield Road in reference to criminal trespass. Upon arrival, deputies learned that the victim was alarmed by her dog moments prior to observing an unknown male subject standing in the yard. The male subject then retreated from said location once noticing victim and dog. A prior incident was also reported to have occurred involving a male subject with same description who was picked up along the roadway by a white in color car. A concentrated patrol was conducted within the area but no subject was located.

June 5

Victim reported a finding a known offender on his property multiple times without permission. It was further reported that the offender has taken pictures of said property and vehicles on property as well and advised of being uncomfortable confronting offender due to offender carrying a gun and known to be hot-headed.

Deputy responded to an address on Blackberry Trail in reference to a civil matter.

June 6

Complainant reported a missing subject and car, which belonged to the complainant. The missing subject was located and contact was attempted to be made several times with complainant on the matter but none was successful.

Complainant reported being blocked in and cursed out by two offenders before being allowed to leave a business property in Oak Park.

Deputies assisted TCPD with the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

Victim reported a known offender taking two wallets from a pocketbook of victim. Deputy responded to address victim advised offender may have gone to and made no contact. When calling to inform victim on this matter, the victim reported that the offender had made contact and would be returning items taken.

Deputy responded to the intersection of Highway 57 and Mt. Shady Church Road in reference to a vehicle being in the ditch.

Deputy made a traffic stop after observing the brake lights of a vehicle not working. When making contact with driver, deputy asked if there were any weapons located on the driver’s person. After being advised of no weapons, deputy located one large knife as well as three other knives and crack pipe on the driver. While conducting a search on involved vehicle, deputy located a black in color book bag containing an additional crack pipe and the driver’s identification and wallet. The passenger of the vehicle was detained during investigation and released with no charges. The driver was placed under arrest and transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

June 7

Complainant reported striking a road sign while trying to avoid hitting a deer.

Victim reported a lost vehicle tag during a transfer of plates.

Complainant reported a two-vehicle accident that occurred on June 5. Both vehicles received damage and failed to advise law enforcement of the matter prior to this report.

June 8

Deputy assisted Swainsboro Police Department in locating a vehicle involved in a hit and run that reported via scanner. Deputy noticed a truck fitting the description traveling at a higher speed level than other passing vehicles traveling the roadway and proceeded to follow vehicle to a location on South Main Street. Contact was made with driver and GSP confirmed the driver was the involved offender in the hit and run. The offender and an additional two subjects were arrested in regards to this matter.

Deputies were dispatched by Emanuel County 911 after receiving a call on an intoxicated driver. Contact was made with described vehicle and a traffic stop was made. The offender was arrested for reckless driving that was observed by a deputy and transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

June 9

Deputy responded to the area of Nunez Lexsy and U.S. 1 South ink reference to a reported collision. Upon arrival, officer learned the driver of the vehicle had revoked licenses and several unpaid traffic summons in Florida. It was later admitted that the vehicle had been moved from incident location where a building was struck in the corner location. An arrest was made and the driver was transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

Deputies assisted GSP with a two vehicle MVA on Lambs Bridge Road near Highway 23 South.

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