SPD Report 4-3-19

by | April 3, 2019 11:58 am

Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department recently reported…

March 25

Officer responded to Braswell Boulevard in reference to several individuals fighting. Upon arrival, the victim approached the officer and advised that the offender came into her yard and started an altercation with her. The complainant further stated that this was the second day in a row that law enforcement was called to her residence in regard to the offender wanting to fight her.

Complainant reported harassing communications.

March 26

Officer was dispatched to South Main Street in reference to a grey in color bag being found.

March 27

Complainant reported a 2003 Ford Taurus as stolen from her son’s residence. The complainant later returned and advised the car had been returned, but she still wished to press charges due to the fact permission was not granted to borrow the car.

Officers responded to Lucky Street in reference to serving a warrant. Having the house surrounded, an officer knocked on the front door of the residence in an attempt to make contact with the offender. It was at that time that an additional officer began yelling that the offender had fled the residence on foot. While leaving the residence, officers noticed a Nissan Altima slowly rolling up to a stop sign that was in the area of which the offender fled. A traffic stop was then performed on the car. After making contact with the driver and passengers of the vehicle, the officer advised of the situation at hand and requested to see identification. Three of the four occupants abided requests given. The fourth occupant stated he did not have any identification. The officer then requested the individual for a name and date of birth. The information was given but nothing was found in the officer’s database. Officer then requested the passenger to step out of the vehicle, but the passenger refused to comply. The individual then began to fight with on-scene officers before being detained. Officers then gained the needed information to confirm that the involved passenger was the offender that fled on foot when attempt of serving the warrant was made.

March 28

Complainant reported striking a pothole while traveling on Carver Street. The vehicle received damage to the tires and rims on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Officers were dispatched to Gumlog Road in reference to a gun shot victim believed to be possibly dead on arrival. Upon officer’s arrival, an unknown male was found slouched up against a vehicle bleeding from the head from possible gun fire. Officers then began to secure the crime scene with crime tape after determining no signs of life. EMS were stationed away from the area until secured. When on scene, EMS was unable to obtain any signs of life from the victim and requested the coroner be called to the scene. The victim was later identified, and investigators were dispatched to the scene. While patrol units guarded the area, investigators contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, who then took the scene over.

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