Council meets, discusses water line issue

by | April 3, 2019 11:19 am

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Mayor Charles Schwabe and members of city council convened at 6 p.m. for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 1.

Randall Snellgrove was in attendance to discuss a water bill issue. After a lengthy discussion about reimbursement, John E. Parker motioned to refund Snellgrove a check in the amount of $411.07. The motion was approved unanimously.

David Morgan then took the floor to inquire about the reason of an extensive audited voted on by council in 2018. Sue Bragg informed him that changes needed to be made and that the city needed to consult with a financial advisor. Morgan suggested a possible remedy of requesting assistance from Stacy Avery about the matter and offered to assist in any way possible with his past experience in auditing.

In reference to old business, Rita Faulkner motioned to approve an alcoholic beverage application for beer and wine consumption on the premises of Dragon Loco. Julian Sconyers seconded, and all voted in favor.

Committee reports were then given. Highlights are as follows:

Faulkner presented a report on behalf of the police department. She also addressed the need for prayer for a solution for the recent crimes within the city as well as prayers for the family and loved ones of a recent shooting that occurred on Gumlog Road last week.

• Johnny Ray Stafford addressed council about striping needs on Prosperity Drive, Prince Avenue, Youngblood Street, and Thompson Road. (Snellgrove, a resident of the area, also advised that Prosperity Drive needed the striping mentioned by Stafford.) The amount to perform the work was estimated to cost $4,808.04. Stafford made a motion to approve the proposal. Sconyers seconded, and all voted in favor.

Stafford then requested that a report about a sewer issue on West Moring be given to council. A representative of Jacobs informed council that a repair needs to be made in the area. A partial collapse resulted in the washing away of the roadway, and these issues have led to a sewer line backage, which requires immediate attention. Repairing the busted pipe would cost approximately $54,000. Relocating the damaged line would cost approximately $64,000. Sconyers motioned to approve the most feasible and most economical solution as suggested by an engineer. Stafford seconded the motion, and all voted accordingly.

• Sconyers reported all to be well in his department, aside from the busted pipe that had been previously discussed.

• Bragg reported…

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