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   Today’s #FlashBackFriday and we’re taking it back to 1975! Enjoy!

SHS selects senior superlatives Debra Andrews, Perry Bishop, David Bivins, Isaac Bright, Jeff Buckley, Irvin Cox, Frank Ellis, Mary Lou Garrett, Allen Johnson, Al Lawson, Fred Morgan, Burley Page, Yvette Roberts, Beverly Riner, Sheilah Tomberlin, Terry Walters, Ray Woods, and Randy Yeomans.

John Allen Bailey attends 4-H Congress.

Mickey Guthrie instructs Bobby Portwood and J.C. Youngblood on the proper way to operate a yo-yo.

Twin City Pinewood Derby participants Dave Akin, Jeff Hall, Mark Bedingfield, Greg Mercer, Chip Cowart, Marty Mercer, Hugh Allen Dekle, Matt Brown, Van Dixon, and Andy Tison.

Jim Sherrod and Rachel Lawrence honored with joint birthday party.

Emanuel County Probate Judge H. Kelmer Durden was appointed to serve as senatroial district chairman for 21st Senatorial District.

Ginny Smith, with children, was featured as Cooks of the Week.

Daphne Morgan crowned Adrian High’s queen.

Patsy Mitchell, formerly of Swainsboro, premiered on her new television show, “Woman ’75” in Boston, Mass.

Wanda Lane and Don Wilkes named Adrian High School’s girl and boy of the month.


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