SPD Report 2-6-19

by | February 7, 2019 4:11 pm

Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

January 17

Victim reported a black in color wallet being stolen from his residence.

January 25

Officer made a traffic stop in reference to speeding. The offender was transported to the Emanuel County Jail after verification of driving while unlicensed.

An additional arrest was made in reference to an unlicensed driver.

Officer made an additional traffic stop.

Officer made an additional traffic stop which led to an arrest of one for driving with suspended license. The other involved individual was written a citation.

Officer responded to 414 South Main St. in reference to a damaged vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to 501 South Main St. in reference to disorderly conduct.

January 26

Officer observed two vehicles parked in a no parking zone. After making contact with drivers, one arrest was made due to driver operating vehicle with a suspended license.

Officer made a traffic stop in reference to no tag being displayed on the vehicle in question. Upon making contact with driver, it was determined the offender’s license were suspended. The driver was arrested and transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

Officer responded to 404 West Church Street in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, the complainant and offender admitted to a verbal argument over the thermostat being charged a couple of degrees. Both parties were advised to separate until both were calmed down.

Complainant reported being followed and harassed by an offender for having communication with family members. Furthermore, the complainant reported asking to offender to leave the matter alone. Complainant was advised of the process of obtaining a restraining order or TPO.

January 28

Officer responded to Golf Drive in reference of a complainant of a car driving fast in a residential area and possible almost striking a victim. The driver of the vehicle in question was located and advised as of why the officer was present. The driver requested to make an apology but became upset when complainant accused the offender of almost striking her with his car. After hearing this accusation, the offender began using profanity towards the victim, in which he was asked to calm down. After continuing such actions after being warned, the offender was arrested and transported to Emanuel County Jail.

Officer made a traffic stop for failure to stop at Stop sign which led to an arrest.

Complainant reported a hit and run.

Complainant reported a dispute in reference to mechanical issues with a vehicle that was payed to be fixed.

Complainant reported financial transaction card theft.

Officers responded to 328 South Green St. in reference to a 911 hang-up call. Upon arrival, complainant reported the offender throwing a plastic lotion bottle and hitting complainant in the head. Complainant advised the offender was told to leave, in which the offender did leave. Officers made contact with offender. While speaking with offender, the complainant began yelling at officers and threatening to sue the department. Dispatch was advised and added the remarks on file.

January 29

Officers responded to 414 South Main St. in reference to a shoplifter.

Officer responded to Williams Street in reference to the investigation of disorderly persons. Upon arriving, contact was made with the two suspects in question, who were advised this was the second complaint reported in this matter. An arrest was made due to public intoxication.

January 31

Officer was dispatched to the area of Industrial Way in reference to a semi truck being stuck in a ditch.

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