Garden club holds first meeting of 2019

by | February 1, 2019 4:38 pm

Lucille Braswell, president of the Seedling Garden Club, called the first meeting of 2019 to order on January 14. Held inside Swainsboro First United Methodist Church’s social hall, 15 members and two guests attended.

Yonna Bailey, vice president of the club, introduced the program. Orleander District director June Thomas and Mary Ogden, co-director, presented a PowerPoint called “What Is This Thing Called Garden Club?”. The educational program described the workings of local garden clubs across the state.

Thomas explained that the National Garden Club is an umbrella organization compsed of Deep South garden clubs state garden clubs, and district garden clubs which, in turn, are made up of local community clubs like the Seedling chapter.

The Deep South, according to the presenters, is made up of five states, including the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. The GCG has seven named districts, and each of these organizations are governed by boards which consist of garden club members. Thomas’ Orleander District consists of 48 clubs and has a total membership of 1,519.

The Seedling Garden Club is a member of each organization, and two of its members (Paula Karrh and Kay Peacock) are former Orleander District directors. They, along with Judy McWhorter, serve on the GCG board and the district board.

In closing, Thomas handed out a list of Orleander District events scheduled for the year and encouraged every member to take part in them.

During the business session, President Braswell asked members to…

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