ECSO Report 2-6-19

by | February 7, 2019 4:06 pm

The following are reports from the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO)…

January 29

Deputies responded to a residence on Mixon Road. According to the complainants, they had observed an offender sitting inside one of their vehicles at their home. When they approached her and asked her what she was doing, the offender stated that she was “in her vehicle,” then walked away, at which point the complainants called 911. Deputies located the offender on Boulineau Road and asked her about the incident, to which she answered with several different answers and stated that there was a possibility she had entered the vehicle. The offender was placed under arrest and transported to the jail. Shortly thereafter, the investigation revealed that the offender had entered a second car in the backyard and a pump house on the property, removed a lock from a door, rummaged through the glove box of both vehicles, and had taken an automotive light from one vehicle and a brass fitting from the other.

January 30

Deputies were dispatched to Ed Youmans Road in reference to a vehicle that was stuck in a muddy area of the roadway. The vehicle was towed.

Deputies responded to a domestic dispute on Canoochee Road. Once on scene, authorities could not locate anyone but saw signs of a heated dispute. Deputies made contact with dispatchers and asked them to reach out to either party. After several unsuccessful attempts, deputies cleared the scene and left. A second call from the complainant came through later that morning, and deputies met with her at the sheriff’s office. She reported that the offender had caused damage to the property. One of the deputies made contact with the offender after that, and both parties were informed that an incident report would be made available for court purposes.

Complainant stated that she was traveling on Highway 56 North when a vehicle damaged hers while trying to pass. According to the complainant, she was unable to identify neither what kind of vehicle caused the damage nor the tag number for the vehicle responsible.

Deputies were dispatched to a wreck on Lambs Bridge Road and spoke with the witness, who said she swerved to miss a deer and damaged a nearby fence in the process. The vehicle was towed from the scene, and the deputies attempted to make contact with the fence’s owner but were unsuccessful.

February 2

A deputy was dispatched to a burglary on Payton Road. Once on scene, the victim walked the deputy around and gave a detailed report of stolen items, including a nail gun and a saw.

A deputy was dispatched to Highway 1 South at Highway 297 to assist with a 2-vehicle accident. Once on scene, the deputy was informed that the offender had failed to yield and caused a collision as a result. The deputy observed a strong alcoholic odor coming from the offender and, after speaking with him, conducted field sobriety tests, which he failed. The offender then gave a breath sample and tested positive for alcohol. He was placed under arrest and transported to the jail.

Deputies assisted with a license check on Mable Street in Swainsboro. A vehicle came through the checkpoint and officers observed in the driver’s lap a clear pipe known for its use to smoke crack cocaine and methamphetamine. Law enforcement officials secured the occupants, who were eventually arrested and booked into the county jail. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of methamphetamine.

February 3

Deputies assisted with a dispute on Wyatt Circle Road. According to the complainant, she and the offender got into an argument because the offender stated to the complainant that she didn’t need to smoke while pregnant. The offender reportedly used profane language in the presence of the complainant’s children. The complainant asked the offender if she was intoxicated, at which point the offender got into her vehicle and sped away. Deputies were unable to make contact with the offender.

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