ECSO Report 1-9-19

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Deputies with the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) reported…

December 28

The victim, a landlord, stated that previous tenants had damaged one of his properties. He also stated that an A/C window unit had been stolen from the residence. Victim provided the serial number for the unit.

December 31

Complainant called the sheriff’s office and filed a report in reference to an offender stealing “whatever he could get hands on” in the complainant’s yard.

January 1

Deputies were dispatched to Highway 57 West in reference to a male subject lying on the side of the roadway. A deputy located the subject, who stated that he had been told by the Emanuel County jail administrator that if he walked from Wrightsville to Emanuel County, any charges against him would be dropped. Subject further stated that he was trying to get to a motel on South Main Street, so the reporting deputy offered to transport him there. While in route, contact was made with the jail administrator to discuss the statement made by the subject. The jail administrator informed the deputy that the statement made by the subject was false and asked that the offender be transported to the jail for violations of conditional bond.

Deputies were dispatched to Overstreet Road in reference to a male subject contacting the crisis hotline about wanting to harm himself. Deputies had been dispatched to this location numerous times prior for the same individual, who was “normally found to be highly intoxicated.” Deputies arrived on scene on January 1 and located the subject. When speaking with him about the call, subject appeared to be intoxicated. He admitted calling the crisis hotline but denied making any statements about wanting to harm himself. Offender was arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to the county jail.

Deputies responded to a criminal trespassing complaint on Highway 46 East. Arriving on scene, deputies observed a strong marijuana odor. Contact was made with the complainant, who advised that an unknown number of subjects had been in the area behind her residence tampering with things. Complainant stated she was too afraid to walk around the residence to the backyard and instead invited the deputies to walk through the residence to indicate the areas where she heard the subjects. The deputies checked the area but were unable to locate any subjects at the time. While in the residence, a plastic bag containing suspected marijuana, multiple objects used to consume marijuana and/or other illegal narcotics, and a marijuana plant were located in plain sight. These were located in common areas of the residence as well as a bedroom commonly used by the complainant. Multiple prescription pill bottles were also located. Complainant denied ownership of the marijuana, marijuana plant, and the drug-related objects but admitted to knowing about one of the glass pipes. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to the jail, where she was cited for possession of marijuana (less than one ounce) and possession of drug-related objects. Evidence was collected, removed, and later photographed and stored in the evidence room.

A complainant on West Broad Street in Twin City stated that the offender came to her residence the night prior and approximately $150 went missing. Complainant also stated that she received a text message from a friend, who suggested that she needed to check her money because the offender was at the friend’s residence showing off a number of $1 bills. Complainant was advised of the warrant and magistrate processes.

Deputy made a traffic stop on Highway 80 East after a vehicle failed to maintain lane. The driver pulled over into the parking lot of a local business, and the deputy made contact with the driver to advise her of why she was being pulled over. During that process, the deputy noted a marijuana odor coming from inside the vehicle. The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle and was informed about the smell. The driver stated that she had a marijuana pipe with marijuana in it located inside the center console of the vehicle. The passenger was then asked to step out of the vehicle as well. The marijuana was located inside a Dorito bag the passenger had been eating out of when the deputy approached the vehicle. The evidence was collected and placed inside a locker in the evidence room, and both subjects were released on citations.

A deputy was dispatched by 911 to the area of Nasworthy Road in reference to a caller who advised he was trying to go to his residence but was unable to due to a truck being parked in the middle of the road. Deputy visited the area and located a blue Chevrolet in the roadway with the motor still running. When the deputy walked up to the vehicle and shined his flashlight into the driver side of the cab, he found the driver passed out with a beer in his hand. The deputy knocked on the window several times before the driver awoke and unlocked the door. The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle and was asked how much alcohol he had consumed, to which he replied, “about six beers.” The deputy asked the driver to take a portable breath test, which indicated a blood alcohol content of 0.152. Offender was placed under arrest, took a breath sample, and was transported to the jail. The vehicle was towed, and the offender was issued citations.

January 2

Complainant stated that her neighbor saw two males on the complainant’s property the night prior. The two males left the property when the neighbors yelled at them. Complainant stated that she had recovered a male slip-on sandal near the location that the neighbors identified as the place the men entered a vehicle to leave the premises.

January 3

Complainant stated that she had ordered a television from online. When she opened the box, the television was not inside but all the components to it were.

Victim reported a civil dispute between her and her spouse which led to damaged property.

Complainant reported an offender going into Emanuel County household garbage dump sites and removing items from the dumpster into his vehicle. When confronted, the offender stated he was going to continue to do so and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Complainant provided evidence of like occurrences happening in September and October of 2018.

January 4

Complainant reported that an offender took her dog from a separate location and refused to release to him. Complainant advised that she would ask for the dog to be returned one more time before pressing charges.

January 5

Deputies made a traffic stop on I-16. Traveling 93 miles per hour (MPH) in a 70 MPH zone, the offender stated he was trying to get to his girlfriend’s house in Macon. After running his information, deputies were advised that the offender was wanted out of Dooly County with a full extradition nationwide and was considered to be armed and dangerous. When asked to turn off and exit his vehicle, the offender put his vehicle in drive and sped off into oncoming traffic, leading to a pursuit. Reaching speeds of 105 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, the offender continued in the left lane of traffic, running other drivers off the road and cutting through two lanes of traffic onto Exit 90. The offender continued to flee, this time traveling north on the wrong side of the road. Turning onto Island Drive, the offender jumped out of the vehicle while it was still in motion and fled on foot into the woods. Reidsville State Prison’s K-9 unit responded to assist with locating the offender, but no contact was made. The car involved was towed to the impound.

Offender filed a report after backing into a Chevrolet van with his vehicle. Minor damage was caused.

Deputies responded to Almond Road to take a report in reference to a number of missing tools.

January 6

Complainant reported that her goat got its head stuck in its pen and was killed by a dog. After reviewing property cameras, the complainant was able to identify the dog as one who belonged to the dwellers of a nearby residence.

January 7

Deputy responded to Redbud Avenue in reference to a domestic dispute. While on scene, the victim reported that the offender became mad after she wouldn’t let him into her residence. The offender broke the glass in a bedroom and left. While on scene, deputies noticed in plain sight a small bag of green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. A test of the substance proved it positive to be marijuana. Deputy then issued a citation for possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

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