Severe Weather Notice for Pineland Customers

by | October 10, 2018 1:16 pm

Based on current weather predictions, the Pineland service area is in a direct line for severe
weather conditions due to Hurricane Michael. Beginning Wednesday night, heavy rainfall,
possible tropical storm and hurricane force winds, and increased risks of severe weather such as tornadoes is expected.
Over the past decade, Pineland has worked diligently to place all fiber optic cabling underground. Our offices are backed up by generators and battery powered sources. During any long-lasting power outage, we remind our customers about the Power Supply installed at their home or business. The Power Supply does have a battery back-up system that will maintain your service during an outage lasting less than eight to ten hours. In an extended outage, a back-up power source must be used to supply power to the device to prevent loss of service.
The same can be said of your fire or burglar alarm system. If an extended power outage occurs, your fire or burglar alarm system could begin to beep, chirp, or in extreme cases, begin to sound as if a burglary or fire was taking place. In those cases, a simple disconnect of the battery in the alarm panel box will stop the alarm. If you do choose to disconnect your battery, please contact us once power is restored to schedule a reconnect of your system.

As far as your internal devices in your home or business are concerned, power down and unplug all network servers, switches, and computers should lightning occur.
Pineland business offices will be closed on Thursday, October 11th, however, technicians will be available to respond to service issues once conditions are safe to do so. We anticipate being open on Friday, October 12th. You may continue to visit us online at
During this or any other emergency event, the safety of our customers and employees are of the utmost importance. Please take precautions before venturing out during an emergency. Service and trouble calls should be placed to (800) 247-2244 for all Pineland service issues and 888-963-FIRE (3473) for all Southeast Fire & Burglar service issues.

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