Men’s AfterCare Center to open

by | September 5, 2018 12:57 pm

   Sometimes, a simple idea can inspire the spirit of many others. When that simple idea addresses a basic problem, it doubles the payoff. A group of Swainsboro citizens saw the need to provide a way to help working-age men find their way back into productive lives in the working environment. The idea that resulted was A&O Mens AfterCare Center.

   Reverend Keith McKinney has completed his first year as director of the center and commented,”The first problem many people have to overcomes getting clean to pass drug screens and secure a job. Our program is a 3-month plan to provide a clean, safe environment to help these people come in off the street, change their mindset, and get them ready to enter the workforce. Then, we provide jobs for them. We have jobs available now!”

   McKinney went on to say…

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