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by | September 5, 2018 1:15 pm

   Three years ago, my sister and I traveled to the United Methodist Church where a relative of mine is a member. When we were on Highway 57, our water pump went out on our vehicle. We were stranded there, and people started stopping. One gentleman stopped, I didn’t’ get his name, but, I do remember he had ‘Pineland’ written on the side of his truck. He couldn’t help me, so he left. It was only about 15 minutes that had passed, and this same gentleman brought us back a couple bottles of water. I thanked him.

   After that, Charlotte Duncan Harrison, owner of Nanny’s Cafe in Kite, stopped and got on her phone and got the Sheriff’s Department out to our location. Deputy Cody Usry came out there. Law enforcement officers are my heroes! Cody then assisted us by getting our belongings out of our car and placing it in his. Then, Daniel’s Chevrolet was called to come out and tow our car. While that was going on, Charlotte took us to her cafe in Kite where she served us lunch and didn’t charge for it. Meanwhile, Cody stayed there with the vehicle in the 90-degree heat.

   After finishing our lunch, she brought us back to Swainsboro to Daniel’s Chevrolet, where our car was towed. There, I met Jerry Howell. I’m really glad I met him! When they finally got the car back there to see about it, they stated it was the water pump. They didn’t have a water pump in stock and wouldn’t have one until the following morning. I stated that we would need to look for a car rental place, so I can get a car because we had to get on back to Augusta. Jerry then said you don’t have to do that, I’ll take care of that. They got us a car and we were able to drive to my home in Augusta.

   The next day, we came back down and they had our car ready within 30 minutes after our arrival. I thanked him (Jerry) for the car he let us use, for the towing assistance and his assistance in repairing our car.

   I have never seen people in this day and time to be as kind and good as they were. Jerry Howell, Charlotte Harrison (you can call her Nanny if you’d like, she’s a great Nanny), and Cody Usry are three very fine people. I also want to say this county has a great Sheriff’s Department and Cody is one great deputy!


   Robert G. Graham

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