Watt brings national BB competition update to fellow Kiwanians

by | August 28, 2018 4:51 pm

   The Kiwanis Club of Swainsboro held its weekly meeting Tuesday, August 14, at 7 p.m. at Catered Creations with President Jim Clapham presiding. Twenty-two members attended, along with one guest, J.T. Tillman.

   The program for the evening was hosted and presented by Swainsboro Kiwanian Dwight Watt. Watt is also a member of the Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis Club and was a candidate for governor of the Tennessee-Kentucky District at its convention in Gatlinburg Tennessee, held recently.

   After giving a quick overview of what his year has been like, Watt presented a program on the National BB Gun Championships held June 30 through July 3 in Rogers, Arizona. The event is sponsored by Daisy Outdoor Products.
   On that note, Watt informed the Kiwanians that Daisy actually began as a windmill company and gave away BB guns as premiums for purchasing one of their windmills. Now, they are, of course, well-known for their BB guns.
   Watt has been active in BB shooting since the early 199s, first as a coach and now as a firearms instructor and match official at the national championship. While the shooting used to take place on a football field, it is now conducted indoors at the convention center. There are some 400 children ranging in age from 8 to 15 who compete with one of 57 5-member teams from various states, including Georgia. The winning team this year was from Kansas.
   Teams qualified for the national championship by winning National Rifle Association (NRA) state matches. To keep shooters busy while not actively shooting, other events such as a painted gun contest, a painted car contest, and team dress-up contests were on the slate. The NRA also provided shooting instruction.
   As part of the actual marksmanship contest, BBs were shot at targets from five meters away in the prone, standing, sitting, and kneeling positions. All shooters were required to pass a shooter safety exam, which was used as part of the scoring as well.
   Additionally, Watt showed the Kiwanians some of the BB guns he picked up while at the competition.
   In other news, Tim Goodman gave an update on the School Night for Scouting held at Swainsboro Elementary. Pack 75, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, will have approximately 20 new Cubs this year, thanks to the event.

   Also, Sports Chair Mary Ellen Smith gave an update, and due to the absence of Judge Jim Daughtry, court was postponed a week.

   To become a member of the Swainsboro Kiwanis Club, please call membership chair Jane Durden at 478-494-4113, or email her at hsdurden@bellsouth.net. To find out more information about the club and the many community service projects it sponsors each year, visit their website at www.swainsborokiwanis.org or their Swainsboro Kiwanis Facebook page. You may also tweet the Swainsboro Kiwanis Club at @SwainsboroK.

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