Youngsters ‘shake things up’ at Franklin Memorial Library

by | July 12, 2018 9:50 am

   The month of June was chock full of activity during the library’s Summer Reading Program. One such occasion was the June 14 children’s craft event, where young ones decorated tambourines with their choice of stars, squares, triangles, or circles.

   The first tambourines were traced back to some of the oldest civilizations, like Mesopotamia, Greece, Israel, and Egypt. Back then, instruments were played in worship ceremonies. These days, the instruments are used frequently in Middle Eastern folk music. They are also played as the Quran is recited.

   An early version of the tambourine arrived in Europe by way of Crusaders some time around the 13th century. The modern version came back into Europe with the Turkish military music bands, which were popular during the 18th century.

   Who knew that this seemingly simple instrument had such deep roots? Lots of interesting facts and fun activities await you at your local library. Make plans to visit soon!

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