BOE takes action in executive session

by | June 22, 2018 10:34 am

Last Updated: June 22, 2018 at 10:53 am

   During last week’s Emanuel County Board of Education meeting, the following personnel agenda items were approved:
   Employments, certified personnel contingent upon NCIC report — Steve Brackett, Quintaya Brown, Charles Elmore, Danny Evans, Mandy Haggen, Elise Peeples, Amy Sconyers, Danyelle Warren, and Heather Williams, teachers
   Employment, certified person —
Angela Young, assistant principal
  Employments, classified personnel contingent upon NCIC report — Brandi Davis, media clerk; Earl Deas Jr., mechanic; Jasmine Hightower, Gabrielle Hudson, Alysha Lee, Hadley Lynn, Mallory Weber, and Amanda Reynolds, paraprofessionals; and Dawn Wilkerson, substitute teacher
   Employments, classified personnel — Alisa Gibbons, custodian; Patricia Hancock, clerical; Deborah Scott, paraprofessional; and R. Seth Thompson, bus driver/trainer
   Transfer, certified person — Kewonica McBride, teacher at Swainsboro Elementary School, will move to Swainsboro Middle School
   Resignations, certified personnel — Sandra Brett, Shelby Clark, Ashley Crosby, Jade Najjar, Penny Rodgeres, and Brandi Snead, teacher
   Resignations, classified personnel — Caneitra Bouyer, paraprofessiona; Joanna Page, school food service assistant; Carole Randall, custodian; and Nancy Simpson, bus driver
   Transfers, classified personnel — Nicole Holland, paraprofessional at Swainsboro Primary School, will move to Twin City Elementary, and Brittany Thomas, paraprofessional at Swainsboro Middle School, will move to Swainsboro Primary School.

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