Letter to the Editor: Equal justice for all?

by | May 31, 2018 4:54 pm

   Dear Editor,

   For people who believe in justice, the sanctity of equal rights in voting and mutual respect of constitutional rights, May 22 was a sad day. It was an eye-opening reality. In the District 6 BOE election, the results were determined before a single vote was cast. How can this be true?
   A lawsuit demanding new District 6 BOE boundaries be drawn was initiated and settled without the knowledge of any voters I have spoken with. Why? Who is minding the store for us? The boundaries were redrawn based exclusively on race. This resulted ina supermajority of 67 percent black democratic voters. A supermajority virtually eliminates the need to reach out to minority voters who, in this case, happen to be white. No reasonable person can deny this is absolute racial discrimination and an obvious attempt to at voter suppression!

   Bill Rogers has been a loyal friend to those who share the values of equality, educational opportunity, and respect for others. He has been a consistent voice of reason, not a partisan divider. What was his reward for a lifetime of fair-minded service? It was the political treachery of a handful of self-anointed community leaders. They clearly demonstrated their own interpretation of “equal justice for all.” In my opinion, they have exposed themselves as power-hungry hypocrites!

   These divide-and-conquer advocates will twist and distort my words for their own benefit. That’s okay because this is not about myself or event Bill Rogers. It is about the voices of reason who understand that real progress is based on faith, trust, hope, and respect who have been effectively silenced by your actions.

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