Jail List 5-23-18

by | May 24, 2018 11:28 am

   James Edward Connor, 53, 103 Magnolia Blvd. Apt. 202, Savannah; entered 5/14/2018; Speeding 15-29 MPH over, Dui/drugs, VGCSA Poss Dangerous Drugs, VGCSA Poss Dangerous Drugs; released 5/14/2018; SPD

   Laura Ann Farrer, 40, 34 Wyatt Circle; entered 5/14/2018; Parole Violation; Tracy Williams/DCS

   Victoria Alexandra Bedgood, 30, 39 Arthur Hutcheson Dr., Adrian; entered 5/14/2018; Fail to appear, VGCSA Possession od Drug Related Object, VGCSA Marijuanan/poss less than oz, Hold for Johnson County, SPD Bench warrant; released 5/16/2018; SPD

   Jan Moxley Corbin, 46, 947 Old Kea Mill Pond Rd., Adrian; entered 5/14/2018; Disorderly Conduct; released 5/15/2018; ECSO

   Amy Clara Cobb, 34, 415 Green Oak Rd. Lot 6; entered 5/15/2018; Driving lic suspended/rev, No Insurance, Suspended Registration; released 5/15/2018; ECSO

   Jermichael Strowbridge, 33, 34 Pine Grove Church Rd.; entered 5/15/2018; COURT- Brought from Another Agency/Facility; released 5/17/2018; ECSO

   Kevin Douglas Schaller, 21, 1411 GA Highway 171 N., Louisville; entered 5/15/2018; Entering auto; ECSO-Walk In

   Gary Dwayne Purvis Sr., 38, 34 Moores Ferry Rd.; entered 5/16/2018; Probation/Superior Court, Probation/Superior Court; ECSO

   Clayton Marshall Brinkley, 35, 506 W. Oglethorpe Highway, Hinesville; entered 5/16/2018; Bench Warrant/Superior Court; ECSO

   Billie Woods Howard, 70, 43 St. Galilee Rd., Midville; entered 5/16/2018; Fleeing/attempt to elude ofc, Driving lic suspended/revoked, No Insurance, Suspended Registration, AFFIXING TAG W/INTENET TO CONCEAL ID; released 5/16/2018; ECSO

   Toro Arnardo Acosta, 38, 806 B Steeple Chase Court, Statesboro; entered 5/16/2018; Flee/attempt to elude ofc, Reckless Driving, Reckl conduct, Obstr/Hindering of Officer, Driving lic susp/rev, Open Containder, Failure to Maintain Lane, Driving on Wrong Side of Road, Traffic-mids, Speeding 15-29 MPH over, IMPROPER TURN; released 5/19/2018; ECSO

   William Bart Edenfield, 57, 22917 Hwy. 80 East; entered 5/16/2018; Driving lic suspended/rev, Suspended Registration, No Inusurance; released 5/16/2018; SPD

   Mary Jane Dowd, 29, 24 Morris St. Apt. 6H; entered 5/17/2018; Theft/shoplifting; released 5/18/2018; SPD

   Valerie Corine Miller, 31, 111 Garfield St., Statesboro; entered 5/17/2018; Theft.shoplifitng; released 5/19/2018; SPD

   Justin Jerrell Cannady, 32, 116 A S. Racetrack St.; entered 5/18/2018; Driving While Unlicensed/Expired, Seat belt violation; released 5/18/2018; ECSO

   Kenric Lathomas Jordan, 42, 36 Willie Davis Rd.; entered 5/18/2018; Probation/Superior Court; Probation/Superior Court; ECSO

   Ryan Alan Thompson, 32, 3211 Wrightsboro Rd. Apt. H12, Augusta; entered 5/18/2018; Speeding 15-29 MPH over, Driving lic susp/rev, Open Container, Dui/alch, Windshields.front door cracked/tinted/matls proh., Seat belt violation, Windshields/front door cracked/tinted/matls pro., Fleeing/attempt to elude ofc, Hold for Richmond County, VERBAL HOLD RICHMOND COUNTY PROBATION; ECSO

   Henry Lee Hall II, 41, 634 Summett Ave.; entered 5/18/2018; Probation/Superior Court; released 5/20/2018; ECSO

   Tony Louis Randall, 63, 128 W. Broad St., Twin City; entered 5/18/2018; Simp battery, Simp battery, Simp battery, Obstr/ofc, HOLD FOR WARRANTS PER SPD;

   Clayton Oconnor Watson, 42, 512 Lewis St. Apt. 33; entered 5/18/2018; Driving While Unlicensed/Expired, Failure to Stop at Stop Sign; released 5/19/2018; SPD

   Keith Wadley, 41, 328 Green St.; entered 5/18/2018; Simp battery; released 5/19/2018; SPD

   Kimberly Latrell Carswell, 37, 328 South Green St.; entered 5/19/2018; Simp battery, Obstr/ofc, Obstr/ofc, Probation/State Court/Middle Ga Probation; SPD

   Tamishia Knowles, 44, 367 Braswell Blvd.; entered 5/19/2018; Probation/Swainsboro PD/ Middle Ga Probation; SPD

   Narici Tashawn Wadley, 25, 21 Pine Cone Way; entered 5/19/2018; Due/alch, Driving lic suspended/rev, Failure to Maintain Lane, Too Fast for Conditions; Duty/stop at scene/hitrun/leace scene, Failure to Report Accident /Damage or Injury, Open Container, Probation/State Court/ Middle Ga Probation; released 5/21/2018; GSP

   Carol Ann Donaldson, 42, 178 Olliftown Rd., Twin City; entered 5/20/2018; Disordlery conduct; released 5/20/2018; ECSO

   Shannon Brian McKinney Jr., 33, 415 Braswell Blvd.; entered 5/20/2018; Driving lic susp/rev, Open Container, Probation/State Court/Middle Ga Probation, COMPLY//$4,990 CASH OR $10,000 PROP; released 5/21/2018; SPD

   Calvin ORyan Washington, 33, 423 West St.; entered 5/20/2018; Failure to Maintain Lane, Due/alch; released 5/20/2018; SPD

   Cassandra Delane Richards, 42, 330 South Green St.; entered 5/20/2018; Aggr assault, WARRANTS PENDING; SPD

   Anthony Ridge Holloway, 18, 105 South 2nd Ave, Stillmore; entered 5/20/2018; Driving While Unlicensed/Expired; ECSO

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