Bishop Chapel Church 2018 Homecoming to honor World War II veteran

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   Homecoming 2018 plans are underway! Bishop Chapel Church and Cemetery Association (BC&C) invites you, your family, neighbors and friends to be a part of this year’s homecoming celebration and remembrance. This will be a wonderful opportunity to renew family ties and to become reacquainted with friends you haven’t seen in years. We hope everyone who has attended Homecoming in the past will come again and bring family members with you. Every year, more and more families are putting the first Sunday of June on their calendar as a time to gather at Bishop Chapel for homecoming, not because of the meal that will be served or the wonderful worship service that will take place, but because of the people who will be there. Do you have a family relative who hasn’t been to homecoming in years? Invite that relative to join you for homecoming. Do you have a grandchild who has never been to homecoming? Invite all your grandchildren to join you for Homecoming. We look forward to the memories that will be made on June 3, 2018.

   This year’s focus will be on those who have gone before us and laid a foundation for the present. Our thoughts automatically reflect on the cemetery located beside Bishop Chapel Church. For the past 150 years, this small plot has been the final resting place for many of the area’s early families and continues to be such today. This year, Homecoming 2018 is dedicated to the memory of those interred in Bishop Chapel Cemetery. Early settlers, family members, friends, community leaders, war veterans, young children who succumbed to illnesses because doctors were not available, and newborn babies whose precious names are no longer known are all interred in Bishop Chapel Cemetery. Homecoming 2018 will honor this sacred ground. All descendants and friends of persons buried in the cemetery have a very special invitation to share this day .

   In keeping with the thoughts of heritage and love the cemetery holds for each person reading this article, 2018 homecoming has been set aside to pay respect to a special World War II soldier. In visiting Bishop Chapel Cemetery, one may have noticed a small white military marker with the name Arthur Bishop Jr. engraved on it. Arthur Bishop Jr. was one of many American soldiers who were lost when the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed and sunk on July 30, 1945. In the past year, this Navy vessel has been located. The vessel will not be disturbed and has been declared the final resting place for the many soldiers on board.

   Homecoming 2018 will give us an opportunity to honor Arthur Bishop Jr.’s service to our country. A wreath will be placed in the cemetery beside the military marker. All present day veterans and descendants of veterans interred in Bishop Chapel Cemetery are invited to serve as honorary escorts in the placing of the wreath at the military marker. The placing of this wreath, along with the playing of “Taps,” will take place at the close of the worship service as the congregation exits the church.

   As we grow older, there becomes a greater desire and need for providing a perpetual means of protecting those places which are sacred to us. In 2010, the Bishop Chapel Church and Cemetery Association, with a mission of preserving the heritage of the cemetery and church, was established as a permanent organization for the maintenance and care of the cemetery and church.

   Even though church members, former church members, descendants of church members, and descendants of persons interred in Bishop Chapel Cemetery have become widely dispersed throughout the country, the deep and loving memories of loved ones, though deceased, still have a special place in our lives. The BC&C Association is dedicated to strengthening the bonds which bind all of us together. We need your help in doing this. In an effort to reach all persons with ties to the community, church and cemetery, we are striving to expand all avenues of communication. Please share this news article. Please add it to your Facebook page or webpage. Together we can preserve and share the heritage with future generations.

   Plans are what we encourage you to start making. Plan to attend Bishop Chapel & Cemetery Homecoming on the First Sunday in June! We are looking forward to seeing all of you and hope to see some new faces this year.

   At the time of this writing, a list of known families, friends, and neighbors with ties to the church and/or cemetery includes a little over two hundred families. However, we don’t know the whereabouts of everyone. If you know the location or addresses of persons who need to be added to our mailing list, please contact us at so we can get in touch with them. Also, check the church Facebook page for updates. We encourage you to share you memories of the church and cemetery on this page.

   Sunday, June 3, 2018, homecoming worship, “good old-fashion revival singing,” and great patriotic music will begin at 10:30 a.m. Grady Collins, former Emanuel Association Area Missionary, will be the guest minister. Tommy Freeman and Gail Ware will be sharing their wonderful musical talents before and during the worship service. Bill Sasser will close the tribute to Arthur Bishop Jr. with “Taps.” A very cordial welcome is extended to all veterans, families, and friends of the church and community to join Bishop Chapel on June 3, 2018, for a great day of worship and fellowship.

   Seaman Arthur Bishop Jr. was born the oldest son of…

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