Jail List 4-25-18

by | April 25, 2018 2:41 pm

   Raheem Dashaun King, 23, 406 North Racetrack St.; entered 4/16/2018; Crim trespass, OPERATING UNREGISTERED VEHICLE, ALTERATION OF LICENSE PLATE; released 4/17/2018; SPD

   April Tazim Peppers, 39, 137 Ann Rd., Anderson, South Carolina; entered 4/16/2018; Speeding 15-29 MPH over, Driving lic susp/rev; released 4/16/2018; ECSO

   Tracey Paula Dietz, 52, 2677 Willisforman Rd., Hephzibah; entered 4/16/2018; Probation/Superior Court, POSS.METH; ECSO

   Terrell Tyrone Harris, 40, 446 Oak St., Wadley; entered 4/17/2018; Hold for Toombs County; released 4/18/2018; ECSO

   Malik Hakeem Washington, 22, 167 Lula Ln., Waynesboro; entered 4/17/2018; Disorderly Conduct, DISCHARGE WEAPON IN CITY LIMITS; released 4/18/2018; TCPD

   Devonta Maurice Hutchinson, 25, 276 Powell Loop, Westumpka, Alabama; entered 4/17/2018; Speeding 15-29 MPH over, Driving lic susp/rev; released 4/18/2018; GSP

   John Badie Jr., 42, 4641 Brannen Rd., Millen; entered 4/17/2018; Disorderly Conduct, Driving While Unlicensed/Expired; released 4/18/2018; TCPD

   Brian Maurice Rucker, 37, 221 Warren St.; entered 4/18/2018; Bench Warrant/State Court; released 4/23/2018; SPD

   Steven Demond Thomas, 43, 221 Montgomery St., Kite; entered 4/19/2018; control suit act, Hold for Johnson County, Defective Equipment; released 4/23/2018; ECSO

   Nicolas Jerome Bailey, 28, 258 Wood Chuck Rd.; entered 4/19/2018; VGCSA Marijuana/poss less than oz., Vgcsa/vio ga control subst act, VGCSA Possession of Drug Related Objects, HOLD FOR WARRANTS AND INVESTIGATION, POSS METH; released 4/20/2018; ECSO

   Javarus Laquazion Whitfield, 22; entered 4/19/2018; Fleeing/attmpt to elude off, Speeding 15-29 MPH over, Unregistered Vehicle, Driving While Unlicensed/Expired, Marijuana/poss less than oz; released 4/19/2018; SPD

   George Lamar Archer, 66, 929 Scarboro Church Rd., Twin City; entered 4/19/2018; Sexual exploit.children; ECSO

   Holly Elizabeth Beckham, 34, 10014 White Bluff Rd., Savannah; entered 4/19/2018; Speeding 30+ MPH over, Reckless Driving; released 4/19/2018; OPPD

   Justin Allen Smith, 32; Probation/Superior Court; released 4/22/2018; WALK-IN

   Dominic Jovan Brown, 31, 204 Princess St., Twin City; entered 4/20/2018; Parole violation-/lis orig charge, Dec act fraud/bad checks under $499
   Terrence Bernard Carlyle, 37, 506 Augusta, Stillmore; entered 4/20/18; Taillight Requirements, Obstr/ofc, No license on person; ECSO/WALK IN

   Grady Franklin Hackle, 17, 180 Mimosa Dr.; entered 4/20/18; Stat rape; ECSO

   Trevor Riley Raburn, 20, 728 Trails End Rd., Metter; entered 4/20/18; Hold for Candler County; ECSO

   Deandre Malik Arceneaux, 20, 400 Fairburn Rd. SW, Apt. 5165, Atlanta; entered 4/20/18; VGCSA Marijuana/poss less than oz, Driving lic susp/rev, Healight Requirements; released 4/20/18; OPPD

   Kenneth Lamar Peacock Jr., 27, 103 Slough Creek Rd., Statesboro; entered 4/20/18; Theft/conversion;  ECSO

   Cynthia Lindsay Hightower, 51, 23022 Founder Circle, Athens, Alabama; entered 4/21/2018; DUI/Refusal, Speeding 15-29 MPH over; related 4/21/2018; OPPD

   Wretrick A. Clark, 31, 212 N. Green St.; entered 4/21/2018; Driving While Unlicensed/Expired, Loud Music; ECSO

   Willie Thomas Jones III, 38, 2834 Topaz Rd., Riverdale; entered 4/21/2018; Hold for Out of County Billing; released 4/23/2018; OPPD

   Aaron Carlton Moore, 39, 4790 Cleveland Rd., Lithonia; entered 4/21/2018; Speeding < 14 MPH over, Firearm poss by cons felon; released 4/22/2018; OPPD

   Louis John Miller Jr., 44, 314 Elaine Dr.; entered 4/21/2018; Failure to Maintain Lane, Windshilds/front for cracked/tinted/matls proh, Dui/drugs; released 4/22/2018; OPPD   

   Stevenson Arshane Austin, 30, 221 East Pine St. Apt. D-5; entered 4/21/2018; Cruelty to children (1st degree), Cruelty to children (1st degree) Obstr/ofv; SPD

   Travis Lee Brown, 35, 429 N. Green St.; entered 4/21/2018; Driving lic susp/rev, No proof of insurance, Unregistered Vehicle; released 4/21/2018; SPD

   Jody Dewayne Gay, 39, 62 Sally Circle, Twin City; entered 4/21/2018; Dui/alch, Driving lic susp/rev; released 4/23/2018; ECSO

   Laura Ann Farrer, 40, 34 Wyatt Circle; etered 4/21/2018; VGCSA Marijuana/poss less than oz, VGCSA Possession of Drug Related Object, Open Container, VGCSA possession Cocaine, Parole Violation; released 4/23/2018; SPD

   Brittany Nicole Driggers, 29, 338 West Lillian St., Metter; entered 4/22/2018; Taillifht Requirements, VGCSA Marijuana/poss less than oz//misd, Open Container, VGCSA possession Cocaine; released 4/23/2018; SPD

   Gerald Amonte Gibbons, 25, 203 Oak Grove Church Rd.; entered 4/22/2018; VGCSA Mrijuana/poss less than oz, Hold for Laurens County; related 4/23/2018; SPD

   Kenosha Patrice Wadley, 32, 726 Longview Rd; entered 4/22/2018; Driving lic susp.rev; released 4/22/2018; SPD

   Gamaliel Roman Bustamante, 54, 239 Little House Lane, Soperton; entered 4/22/2018; Dui/alch, Open Container; released 4/22/2018; GSP

   Dustin Chase Wilson, 31, 349 Oak Chapel Rd., Kite; entered 4/22/2018; Disorderly conduct; released 4/23/2018; ECSO

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