Letter to the Editor: Young citizens rising up

by | February 22, 2018 1:04 pm

   How can we not welcome the rising response of the Parkland, Florida, young people in the wake of last week’s tragic shooting? Whatever else happens, their passionate engagement is full of promise for the nation, our frayed society, and our somewhat battered democracy. Their stirring is the latest of some new, positive civic energy. With new eyes, these young people see their task not through tired partisan lenses, but as our common duty, and with new clarity, they are framing the question of school shootings as a matter of public safety and a balancing of rights. They are also questioning of the moral integrity of our elected officials.
   For them, of course! It’s whatever we can do to prevent other innocents from losing their lives. Of course, it’s a matter of both mental healthcare and of common-sense gun regulation. In the process, these young people are…

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