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by | January 11, 2018 5:12 pm

   Swainsboro-Emanuel County Parks and Recreation Department has released its news for the week of January 1, 2018. The results are as follows:

   January 2

   Pee Wee Boys

   Magic-21, Nets-8

   Scoring for the Magic: TyKevius Worthen-10 pts.; Demetri Stanford-9 pts.; Zi’len Boynton-2 pts.

   Scoring for the Nets: Aa’Caylah Murphy-4 pts.; Kason Copeland-2 pts.; Demetrius Cuyler-2 pts.

   Hawks-29, Lakers-7

   Scoring for the Hawks: Elijah Smith-17 pts.; Shannon Benjamin-4 pts.; Nykeria Johnson-4 pts.; Derrick Sherman-2 pts.

   Scoring for the Lakers: Calynn Foots-4 pts.; Dexter Parrish-3 pts.

   Mite Boys

   Heat-43, Kings-31

   Scoring for the Heat: Lavaris Morgan-16 pts.; Spencer Tarver-11 pts.; Kinley Grimes-6 pts.; Achazia Harmon-6 pts.; Mitchell Clarke-4 pts.

   Scoring for the Kings: Bryson Tarver-31 pts.

   Midget Boys

   Celtics-39, Warriors-22

   Scoring for the Celtics: Lawson Mercer-27 pts.; Travis Smith-6 pts.; Drew Grimes-4 pts.; David Stapleton-2 pts.

   Scoring for the Warriors: Ben Bailey-12 pts.; Shawn Cunningham-6 pts.; River Greene-4 pts.

   January 4

   Pee Wee Boys

   Hawks-15, Magic-13

   Scoring for the Hawks: Elijah Smith-8 pts.; Sanquan Benjamin-4 pts.; Shannon Benjamin-3 pts.

   Scoring for the Magic: Ty’kevius Worthen-4 pts.; Kamarion Dukes-4 pts.; Demetri Stanford-3 pts.; Quintin Dukes-2 pts.

   Nets-10, Lakers-6

   Scoring for the Nets: Aa’Caylah Murphy-6 pts.; Demetrius Cuyler-2 pts.; Ashton David-2 pts.

   Scoring for the Lakers: Caidee Bostic-4 pts.; Dexter Parrish-2 pts.

   Mite Boys

   Clippers-44, Kings-13

   Scoring for the Clippers: Carmello Lewis-22 pts.; Marcus Watkins-9 pts.; Jayden Butler-3 pts.; Revan Fortner-2 pts.; Joshua Patterson-2 pts.; Clinton Murpy-2 pts.

   Scoring for the Kings: Frisscardo Lambry-13 pts.

   Midget Boys

   Celtics-54, 76’ers-32

   Scoring for the Celtics: Lawson Mercer-30 pts.; Drew Grimes-6 pts.; Travis Smith-6 pts.; David Stapleton-4 pts.; Detronne Douglas-4 pts.; Brian Tinagero-Gregory-2 pts.; Raphael Fort-2 pts.

   Scoring for the 76’ers: Caziah Foots-16 pts.; Dorien Foots-10 pts.; Brandon Chapman-5 pts.; Peyton Lee-1 pt.

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