ECSO Reports: April 26, 2017

by | April 27, 2017 3:38 pm

   Deputies with the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) reported…

   April 16

   Victim stated that she walked outside when she saw the offender on the phone. When the victim asked the offender who he was talking to, he stated he was on the phone with a girl. Victim then stated she and her child were going to leave for the night. The offender then took his driver side door and slammed it into her passenger side door, causing damage to the body and handle of the victim’s car. The offender then grabbed the victim by her hair and pushed her into the fence. The victim wants her door to be repaired by the offender. The offender agreed to do so.

   Complainant stated that offender pulled a knife on him. After hearing the offender asking his girlfriend for a ride, complainant went to confront the offender. The complainant went to the home of the offender, where a knife was pulled on the complainant. Complainant was advised to stay away from the offender.

   April 17

   Officer responded to a call in regards to a dead dog on another person’s property. No one appeared to be home at the location of the dead dog. Officer advised the complainants that the proper person would handle the dead animal.

   April 19

   Deputies were dispatched to 856 Business 1 South in reference to a resident attempting to fight other residents and nurses. Nurses stated the offender had been causing problems throughout the day. Witness stated the offender attempted to start a fight with a resident, as well as other nurses, when they tried to calm him down. Under doctor’s orders, EMS escorted offender back to Emanuel Medical Center.

   Complainant stated she struck a deer approximately a half mile west of the intersection at Mt. Shady Church Rd. The vehicle was damaged, but the complainant removed the vehicle from the scene by his own power.

   Deputies were dispatched to 141 Injunction Road in reference to a domestic dispute between a stepfather and a stepson. Complainant stated that he let the offender borrow a vehicle. The offender wrecked the vehicle and stayed away for a few days so he did not have to mention the incident so soon. When the offender showed up, an argument began. Both the offender and the complainant began a physical altercation that was broken up quickly. Offender was advised to not return until he talked things over with his mother. Neither party wanted to press charges.

   April 20

   Victim stated that someone had been going inside a residence on her property. The complainant also stated that a vehicle has recently been abandoned on the property. The VIN was ran and came back to the address of 4008 Old Savannah Road in Jenkins County. Jenkins County stated that they couldn’t locate anyone at the address.

   Victim stated that he was meeting up with the offender’s girlfriend to pay his child support to her. The victim made a comment to the girl to not disrespect him through text messages. The offender got out of the vehicle and said they were going to finish this now, striking the victim on the left side of his face. The offender and the girl then left the scene and headed back to their house. The witness broke the victim and offender up before the altercation escalated. Victim wants to take out a warrant on the offender.

   April 21

   Complainant stated a rock came from an uncovered truck and broke his windshield.

   Victim stated she was driving down Highway 80 West when a deer collided with her left front fender and rolled down the driver’s side of the care. There was moderated damage to the fender and driver’s side door. No injuries occurred from this accident and the vehicle was still operable.

   Complainant stated his landlord came to his house, where the complainant informed the offender that her would be moving out soon. The offender then attempted to go inside the house and take a look around when the complainant pushed him back and told him he couldn’t. Offender also informed the complainant that he would not be receiving his $450 deposit. Officer read the lease to their agreement and advised the offender to get an eviction notice if the complainant is not out on the day as promised.

   Complainant stated while he was riding his bike down Old Wadley Road, a small brown dog bit him on the ankle. Complainant stated the dog came out of the yard of 897 Old Wadley Road.

   April 23

   Complainant stated that she has been out of state since March when she found out that the offender was cheating on her and living with another woman. Complainant stated the offender came back over the the residence of 170 Gar Road while she was still out of state and removed most of their belongings. Complainant stated when she arrived back home she realized the offender had removed from the property and took jet skis, four-wheelers, a boat, a DVD player, tablets, a laptop, and television.

   Complainant stated that offender previously rented a residence from her. When offender moved out, she took property that belonged to the complainant. Complainant stated the offender took a bed frame, a black chest bench, a brown couch, and a brown chair. Complainant stated that she did not want anyone to get in trouble, that she just wants the offender to return the brown couch and brown chair that was taken from the residence.

   Complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend offered her assistance with taking scrap metal to the junk yard. The complainant agreed and the offender returned with money. After looking at receipt, complainant noticed there were scraps missing that were not turned in. Complainant stated that she did not want the offender to get into any trouble, she just wanted the missing items returned.

   Witnesses stated they were sitting inside Coleman’s Lake when they heard gunshots outside. The witnesses stated they saw the offender standing behind a car while shooting a gun in the air. One witness ran to the vehicle and stood in front of the truck, informing the offender the law was on the way. The witness stated they sat there for less than a minute and the offender attempted to run witness over.

   Emanuel Medical Center contacted 911 in reference to a victim who claimed to have been in an ATV accident on Cox Road. The victim was transported due to multiple fracture of his neck and back.

   Abandoned vehicle was left flipped on its side on Quick Road. The registered owner could not be located. It was noted there was a strong smell of alcohol around the vehicle and several open containers were in the vehicle. Vehicle was removed by Daniels.

   April 24

   Victim stated that she and the offender has a verbal altercation that lasted most of the night. Victim advised that the offender struck her in the mouth, causing her teeth to become loose and threatened to kill her. Offender was gone on arrival. Victim was advised of the TPO and warrant process.

   Complainant stated that his tag was stolen while the vehicle was parked at Schwalls Trailer Park on Highway 80 West.

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