ECSO Reports: April 12, 2017

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   Deputies with the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) reported…

   April 2

   Complainant stated he loaned the offender $200 with arrangements agreed upon to pay a remaining balance at a later date. After trying to contact the offender to no avail, the offender sold the motorcycle to someone else.

   April 3

   Victim stated that the offender came to his residence regarding disputes, which led to a fight and threats.

   Victim stated offender was staying with her. After offender left, victim noticed her medicine and knife were missing.

   April 4

   Victim was traveling when she struck a deer on Hwy. 192.

   Deputies were dispatched to 524 Sandhill Rd in reference to a stolen 4-wheeler.

   Complainant was traveling on U.S. 1 when she struck a construction barrel.

   Deputy pursued a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed which ended with the subject vehicle being crashed. The offender was apprehended and an ambulance was summoned for him. Crash was investigated by Georgia State Patrol.

   Complainant stated that the offender violated a TPO by attempting to run her off the road.

   April 5

   Complainant filed a report in reference to the offender violating a TPO the previous day.Complainant stated that the offender when offender attempted to run her off the road again.

   Complainant was approached by a male at her home residence. Offender had another individual in the vehicle at the time that looked to be recording the conversation being held. Offender stated very personal information that was not given out, asking in regards to a car the complainant owns; which was not in sight at offender’s time of arrival. Witness states seeing same offender visiting complainant’s residence earlier that week.

   Victim reported two power cords being ran from their property to the offenders residence. Previously last year, permission to run the cords were requested from the offender and approved by the victim. However, permission was not requested this time, resulting in a need to contact the ECSO.

   April 6

   Victims filed a report, stating that someone had banged on their door, parked outside their residence, left, and followed one of the victims around town.

   Deputy conducted a traffic stop and spoke with the driver, who was ultimately arrested for driving under the influence. She was transported to the Emanuel County Jail and cited.

   April 7

   Witness reports seeing three white males loading up a set of concrete steps onto a trailer. He also noticed there was a Lincoln Continental parked at the residence at the time. Witness contacted resident of house to inform him of the situation. Resident of house had no intentions to get rid of the steps.

   Victim states one speaker instrument amplifier was taken from his residence and attempted to be pawned at a local pawn shop. The shop employe told the victim that law enforcement could come by and look at the video to find out who brought it in.

   Victim states her car was left on the side of the road. When returning to the vehicle at a later date, victim observed that her front passenger window was broken out, the left wheel and missing, also her battery was stolen. Joe’s wrecker service removed the vehicle and took it to his holding yard.

   Three victims come together in complaint of a family member who had financial power of attorney of one of the victims. The offender has unlawfully taken money on many occasions from the victims. Victims state that offender has stolen $2,828 as of January of this year.

   A watch was stolen from a man’s  home, police were then dispatched after they were informed that the watch was stolen by a family member. Later that night the car was towed due to being a roadway hazard on Hwy. 80 West near Hwy. 221. After permission from the victim, police were able to retrieve the watch from the impounded car.

April 8

   Driver stated that he was driving on Canady Bridge Road when a deer entered the roadway. The driver was unable to evade the deer and struck it with the front of his vehicle causing moderate damage to the front of the vehicle. Vehicle was still drivable at this time.

   C/P stated that offender put his hands in her face, cursed at her, and hit her. C/P stated that she is pregnant and lives at her fathers house. C/P was advised of the warrant process.

   Victim stated that she has been in a relationship with offender but just wants it to end and be left alone. Victim stated that she has been receiving threatening text messages from the suspect and that he entered her residence without permission while she was away. Victim was advised to get a TPO.

   Driver was driving on the road when he had to pull off the road due to flat tires. The driver requested a report be made being that he has damage to his tires and there were no road signs to warn him of any road construction.

   April 10

   Victim hits deer on Old Nunez Rd at 297, damaging front of vehicle. No wrecker was used.

   Deputies assisted GSP with a deerkill with injuries. Vehicle was removed by Bobby’s towing.

   Victim hit deer on Hwy. 56 North. Significant damage was done to the front end of the vehicle and deployed both airbags inside the care. Vehicle was totaled. There were no injuries to the driver or passengers of the vehicle. C & G was the towing company used.

   April 9

   Victim stated that items has been taken from unlived residence. Victim also stated her residence was also ransacked. Victim believes the thefts are related to the drug traffic from her mother’s residence next door.

   April 10

   Complainant stated that her boyfriend found some old pictures on her phone Saturday morning around 07:30 hours. After seeing the pictures, the offender started choking and beating the complainant. She was held in the house until the mail lady came by on her daily route. Once threatening to scream, offender let victim go get mail. Once out of the house, the complainant kept walking until she was attacked again by the offender. Witness showed up and got offender off of the complainant. Offender ran into to woods behind the residence.

   Complainant stated that he lost his Smith & Wesson M & P sHIELD 9MM when leaving a hunting club. Complainant stated that he has went back to check and  still is unable to locate gun.

   Victim stated while working on a job site, a suspect who was employed with him broke into his truck and took an undetermined amount of checks from his visor. Later he found out that the suspect forged and cashed the check with out his permission.

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  1. Comment by Andrey

    June 16, 2017 at 7:08 am

    What a crazy world we live in! It’s a luck that we have the Sheriff office to sort out all these things. Thank you guys and good luck!

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