Sheriff’s Reports: February 1, 2017

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    Deputies with the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) reported…

   January 23

   Victim called to file a report. Victim stated he was traveling on Highway 80 East when he struck a deer.

   Victim filed a report in reference to theft by taking. Victim stated he paid the offender to repair a vehicle. After receiving payment, offender would not answer calls or texts. Victim sought to have the vehicle returned to him. Deputy contacted the offender’s father, who stated he did not know where the offender was but if he found him, he would call deputies.

   January 24

   Victim stated that a verbal altercation between she and the offender ensued, which led to the offender taking her keys and not letting her leave. Deputies spoke with both individuals and advised of legal remedies.

   Deputies made contact with the offender, who was taken into custody on a state warrant without incident. Offender was transported to the Emanuel County Jail (ECJ).

   Deputies responded in reference to a burglary. Victim stated that he found his padlock broken and door ajar. Victim stated the offender told him that he saw someone in the victim’s residence, so he forced the door open. Deputies spoke to the offender, who admitted to being under the influence of marijuana when he entered the apartment. Victim stated nothing was missing and he did not wish to press charges.

   Victim stated she was traveling on Highway 1 North when she struck a deer.

   Victim stated she was traveling on Quick Road when she struck a deer.

   Victim visited the ECSO to file a report in reference to her car being stolen while sitting on I-16 at MM 87 Westbound. Victim stated she left the vehicle due to engine problems. Victim provided a description of the vehicle and its tag number.

   Deputies were dispatched in reference to a domestic dispute.

   Victim stated she was traveling on Highway 121 when she struck a deer.

   Victim stated she paid the offender for a service, which the offender did not provide due to being incarcerated. Victim stated the offender agreed to give a refund, but has since refused.

   Deputies responded to a call in reference to a victim being beaten to the point of possible decease. Deputies arrived on scene and were met by one of the offenders, who stated that the offender responsible for beating the victim had since left the residence. Deputies performed a welfare check and found no one in the residence. A neighbor spoke with one of the deputies, stating that the responsible offender was still in the residence. Upon a second search, deputies located the responsible offender hiding under a pile of clothes. Said offender was apprehended and placed under arrest. As investigation continued, a witness informed deputies that the victim in question was in Candler County, not Emanuel. Deputies contacted authorities in Candler County and advised them of the information they had at the time. Candler County made contact with the victim and advised that all was okay.

   January 25

   Complainant reported that the offender had stolen a gaming system from her residence. Deputies spoke with the offender, who stated that the gaming system was a gift that the complainant was “just upset at her.”

   Complainant stated that he and the offender had been involved in a verbal altercation.

   Complainant stated that she was traveling on Lehman Road when the lights inside her vehicle began malfunctioning. Complainant stated that she smelled smoke and flames began to come through her air vents, at which point she exited the vehicle and called 911. Oak Park fire personnel arrived on scene and extinguished the fire.

   Deputies transported the offender to his residence per Swainsboro Police Department, who requested he be taken home due to being highly intoxicated.

   January 26

   Victim and offender were inside a local business when the offender threatened the victim, at which point the victim walked to the ECSO to file a report.

   Complainant stated she was traveling on Highway 80 East when she struck a deer.

   Victim stated she was traveling on U.S. 1 South when she struck a deer.

   January 27

   Victim stated that the offender physically assaulted her and would not let her leave his presence. Victim stated she was able to get away from the offender afterward, at which point she left and slept behind a dumpster until SPD picked her up on the morning of the report date. Victim stated she had tried to commit suicide a few days prior and believed she had been drugged on the day of her assault.

   Deputy responded and spoke with the complainant, who stated that she and the offender had been arguing, which led to her kicking him out of their shared residence. Deputies arrived and supervised as the offender entered the residence to gather his belongings. Before leaving, the residence owner informed the offender that he was no longer allowed on the property.

   Victim stated that the suspect had been sending her threatening texts and making threatening phone calls to her.

   Complainant stated that an unknown suspect had entered an unoccupied house. Complainant stated that a window was broken, a door was breached, and items in the yard had received minor damage. Complainant also stated that items had been taken recently from the porch. Complainant called the next day, requesting a deputy to return to the residence and make sure no one was inside.

   January 28

   Victim stated she was traveling on Grande Creek Road when she struck a deer.

   Complainant 1 stated he saw listed Complainant 2 driving his vehicle toward the victim in an intimidating manner as the victim was walking his dog. Complainant 2 reportedly made comments about the victim being on his land. SPD originally took the call, but requested ECSO. A report was also filed with SPD.

   Complainant stated that she pulled into her yard and exited her vehicle when she was greeted by the offender’s dog, who lunged toward her as if he was going to bite her. Once inside her residence, complainant called 911. Deputies spoke with the complainant, then with the victim, who stated that his dog had been attacked by the offender’s dog. Deputy then visited the offender’s residence to speak with the offender, but was unable to make contact. Instead, deputy spoke with the offender’s son and advised him to either keep the dog on a chain or in a pin due to the complaints the ECSO had received from neighbors.

   January 29

   Deputies responded to a local business in reference to a suspicious vehicle leaving the business at a high rate of speed. Deputies surveyed the area but did not recognize anything disturbed. Vehicle was gone on arrival.

   Deputies responded in reference to an altercation. Upon arrival, one deputy made contact with the victim, while the other deputy made contact with the offender. Victim stated that he went to talk to the offender about his issues with him shooting a gun in the neighborhood. Victim stated that as he spoke to the offender, the offender went back into his residence, retrieved a long gun, and pointed it at him. Victim stated that he never went on the offender’s property. Offender stated that he did retrieve a gun, but did so because of the victim’s past. Victim provided a video, but it did not depict the offender pointing a gun at him. Victim stated he would visit the magistrate court to sort out the matter.

   Deputies responded in reference to an alarm call. All doors and windows were secure with no sign of tamper.

   Complainant stated she was traveling on Highway 56 around Mile Marker 9 when she struck a black crate in the roadway.

   Deputies were dispatched in reference to an altercation and theft of a wallet. Victim stated he was traveling on R.J. Holder Road when he passed a vehicle. Victim stated when he stopped at a nearby intersection, two individuals exited the pickup and attacked him. Victim stated that one of the offenders said he had his child in the vehicle with him and by the victim passing them, he put them all in danger. Victim stated he was in no way driving recklessly. Victim stated his vehicle was damaged by the individuals, and deputies observed said damage, as well as the victim’s bodily harm. Victim provided a description of one of the individuals. Victim also provided information about the contents of the wallet, as well as a description of the individuals’ vehicle and their direction of travel. Deputy observed multiple vehicles in the area matching the given description, but was unable to locate the offenders.

   Deputies were dispatched in reference to an entering auto. Victim stated that the vehicle locks had recently begun malfunctioning, causing her to leave her vehicle unlocked while she visited a local establishment. Victim stated that when she returned to her vehicle a few hours later, she noticed the passenger door ajar, as well as her pocketbook to be missing.

   Complainant stated he was traveling on Sam Overstreet Road when he ran off the road and struck a tree, as well as a fence.

   January 30

   Deputies responded to a single vehicle accident with no injuries. When speaking with the offender, deputies observed an open bottle of alcohol in the floorboard of the wrecked vehicle. When asked if she had been drinking, offender stated she had partaken in such activities earlier with a friend. Offender showed signs of being intoxicated and was asked to perform sobriety tests, which led to her arrest for DUI. Offender was transported to the ECJ, where she was cited.

   Victim called and filed a report in reference to damage to her vehicle. The windshield was shattered, and the victim stated that someone had keyed one of the doors. A brick was found lying beside the vehicle. Victim advised that she wasn’t sure who would have damaged the vehicle.

   Victim phoned in a report in reference to a burglary that had occurred previously. Victim stated that a lock to a storage house was cut off, the door had been pried open, and items were missing. Victim provided a description of these items, as well as a numerical worth.

   Complainant stated he cashed two checks for the offender. Both checks were returned to the complainant from his bank as bad checks.

   Complainant visited the ECSO and filed a report in reference to damage to his mobile home. Complainant stated that the offender had rented the mobile home from him and when she moved out, she stated she would fix the damage. In the time since then, the complainant hadn’t been able to reach the offender.

   January 31

   Victim stated she was traveling on Forest Creek Road when she struck a deer.

   Deputies responded to 433 Blun Road in reference to a 911 hang up call. Upon arrival, deputies attempted to make contact by knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell. Deputies advised that there was no noise inside the residence.

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