Christmas in July

by | July 29, 2014 3:53 pm

Thanks to all race fans and local business supporters for your proceeds to Friday night’s 50/50 Christmas in July. With cash, toys, bikes, gifts, etc., it was a huge success. Paul and Debra and their wonderful staff put together a great idea and, with the help of your Shriners elves, made for a great evening for everyone. A record purse for 50/50 and for 2014, and a record crowd!

  Wile Santa dozed on the Shriners bus listening to Jingle Bell Rock, the drawing began. Congrats to Lauren Beddingfield on being our 50/50 winner. She won $1,823 and, being in the Christmas spirit of giving, she gave $200 back to the Shriners hospital. Thanks, Lauren. The children I know thank you, too.

  There is more to Lauren’s story, but I will let her tell it. And thanks to a man named just Yank who gave $100 to the children’s hospital and his stepdaughter, who gave $5. She was visiting from France. The list goes on. How about Tim Coleman, winning two bikes and picking the last boys’ bike, and then Tim Williams and son came up to pick up his winning bike, but guess what? No boys’ bikes! In the Christmas spirit, Coleman said, “Here son, I don’t need two.” Williams asked his son to pick a girls’ bike and find a little one in the crowd and give it to her. He did it with a smile.

  Shriner elves down from the North Pole Friday night were Mike Caputo, Mack Griffin, Joey Crapp and Lady Stephanie, David Martin and Lady Denise, Hank Evans, Bobby Seamans, Howard Miller, Ben Stavely, Ronnie Spence and Lady Judy, Tommy Sconyers, Gerald Marsh, Albert Hall, Billy Overstreet, Dennis Ross, Lewis Oglesby, Derek Brown, Scotty Hudson, Agan Tankersley, Johnny Tapley and a special thanks to Joe Walk and Lady Grace and help for putting it together.

  You can always count on a Shriner. That’s what we sign up for. Remember, all that is given or donated helps support our Shrine children to age 18 with orthopedic issues, cleft palates, and burns. Ask about our playground raffle!

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