New Year resolutions

by | January 2, 2013 9:30 am


   What will the year 2013 bring? The new year is finally here. We’ve had our new year traditions of black-eyed peas and hog jowls. Some of us have made new year resolutions which we’ll break and forget about two weeks from now.

   We’ve had two big holidays rolled into one and now we’re reaching for the Pepto and Rolaids. The bills are coming due! It was fun spending during the holidays, but the credit cards are maxed out.

   When are those taxes due, you think to yourself. Well, I should have taken my mama’s advice, “to watch my spending. Sooner or later it’s payup time.” It is harder than I thought, clearing those cobwebs from the year.

   But I do have some positive feedback from the year 2012: “We are still here.” So many of our friends, family, and relatives are no longer with us. They leave bittersweet memories behind and words of wisdom that we’ll never forget.

   As the year 2013 begins, most of us are willing to wipe the slate clean and start over again. The heated presidential race is over and the country seems to be getting back to “normal.” But for most of the older generation, including myselv, I’m not content with our “normal situation.”

   I fell our country is losing its morals, faith, and the firm convictions and solid ground the United States was founded upon. Our language is filled with words our parents and grandparents would never approve of. We are sliding, year by year, into a point of no return.

   Television and the music industry is putting out filth and calling it entertainment. Thank goodness for Georgia Public TV and a few other educational and history channels. We still have people with high morals and a sense of right and wrong.

   Today, I hear young people saying “Wake up, things have changed! It’s 2013. Anything goes!” And I will have to agree to a point. We have more killing and slaughtering of innocent children and adults than has ever been in our history. Society is quick to point out that the people who commit these crimes are mentally ill. But there should be no excuse for such reckless behavior.

   I have lived through the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. I can tell you, as other people of my generation can, that the world was a better place, because anything didn’t go as you might have wanted it.

   People had morals, rules and a perfect sense of right and wrong. And this right way of living brought a sense of love, peace and order to the world. Let us regroup and strive to make the year 2013 a return to our lost heritage.

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