Brett named DEA STAR Student

by | January 31, 2013 10:06 am

by JERRI GOODMAN, The Metter Advertiser

   This year, STAR honors at David Emanuel Academy are a family affair, as senior Jordan Brett, the 2013 STAR Student, selected her mother, Cindy Brett as STAR Teacher. 

   The daughter of John and Cindy Brett of Adrian, Jordan has attended DEA since K-5 and has been on the honor roll throughout her school career. Her academic honors have included selection as a University of Georgia Certificate of Merit and Wendy’s High School Heisman recipient. She is a member of the Beta Club and the SAT 1550 Club. A One Act Play cast member for three years, she has served as class secretary all four years of high school. She was chosen as a homecoming representative her senior year. 

   A member of the youth program at Dellwood Baptist Church, Jordan is also a representative of the Citizens Bank Student Advisory Board. 

   Jordan is known for her athletic accomplishments, having been named “Most Athletic” by her senior class. She played JV softball throughout middle school and varsity softball for five years, beginning her 8th grade year. She was named All Region in 10th, 11th and 12th grades and All-State in 10th and 11th grades. She was invited to participate in the GISA All-Star Tournament her senior year. A knee injury near the end of the season led to her having to miss the last three games this past season.

   Since she was 12, Jordan has also played travel softball. She played with a Macon team the first two years, and the team with which she played through last summer is based out of Dacula, which meant weekly treks to Gwinnett County every weekend. “If I wasn’t playing, we were practicing,” Jordan explained.    

   Softball has not been her only athletic venture at DEA, however. Jordan also played basketball for two years, ran cross country one year and ran track for three years, receiving All Region honors one year.

   Jordan said that until she injured her knee, much of her time was occupied with softball, either on the DEA team or the travel team.

   “Now, it’s like part of me has been taken away since I got hurt,” she said. “I have so much free time.”

   She does enjoy baking and cooking and, she said, she’s not afraid of hard work.

   “My Dad has taught me how to work hard,” she said. “Every summer when he grows peanuts or any other crop, he makes us go out and pull weeks a couple hours every morning. It’s not too much fun but it gives you a work ethic.”

   She also enjoys hunting and visiting the mountains.

   Because of travel ball, Jordan said she has had opportunities unlike many of her peers. The experience allowed her to visit a number of communities across Georgia. That, Jordan explained, has taught her that there is a life beyond the safety of the small Stillmore school she grew up in.

   “I know that there are other people out there besides small town and I don’t have any intentions of staying here,” she said of her future plans.

   She intends to continue her education at Covenant College, located on Lookout Mountain, where she will major in biology. 

   She chose Covenant because she wanted to attend a small school where she could play softball, but the sport would not be her main focus.

   “It is kind of like DEA, but a little bigger,” Jordan said. 

   When she completes Covenant, she will move to dentistry school, although she does not believe she will attend school in Georgia. Her ultimate goal is to become a pediatric dentist and have her own practice someday.

   “I have had personal experience throughout my life with pediatric dentistry,” Jordan said, recalling a number of incidents that led to dental emergencies, beginning when she first started walking and fell into the coffee table, through a fall from the trapeze bar in school, to a traumatic bone cyst in high school and, most recently, a line drive to her mouth during travel ball. 

   “For some people, that would push them away from a dentist,” she said of her experiences, “but it has opened my eyes and made me realize I was interested in this, seeing all the equipment they use and technology they use.”

   Looking back over her 13 years at DEA, Jordan said she’s proud to have come from a small school background.

   “I have no regrets about going to a school this small,” she said. However, she advised, when it’s time to look to a post-secondary school, “Don’t limit yourself just to schools around here. There is a world out there.”

   Making the decision of a STAR Teacher was not difficult for Jordan. Her mother has been her math teacher all through high school. But Jordan also chose her mother for the greater life lessons she taught as well.

   “She has directed me into what I want to do with the rest of my life,” Jordan said. “She’s the one that helped me pick what I want to do and to find colleges; she has helped me to want to learn. She has pushed me to go off to college and make something of myself and has shown me that there are different people in the world.”

   For the STAR Teacher, this is her third time being chosen for the honor since she began teaching at DEA 12 years ago, when Jordan was in first grade.

   “Jordan is one of the hardest working, most disciplined students I know,” said Cindy Brett. “She sets her goals high and works to the best of her ability to successfully complete and surpass those goals.

   “I’m proud of what she has accomplished in the classroom as well as on the softball field. She has let nothing hold her back, slow her down or make her quit. She turns disappointments into hurdles and learns more about herself in the process.

   “Jordan has incredible initiative and is extremely dependable. She is well respected among her peers and her teachers. She is morally strong and is a great role model for the underclassmen.

   “Some may say she is strong-willed, but I call it perseverance and determination. Jordan will succeed, and I couldn’t be more proud of her than I am right now.”

  • Brett named DEA STAR Student
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