Chief Ellison meets with Board of Education

by | March 27, 2012 5:56 pm

   Swainsboro Police Chief Randy Ellison met with the Emanuel County Board of Education in their regular workshop meeting Monday, March 26, to discuss a partnership between the Swainsboro Police Department and Emanuel County Schools.

   “I felt a need to come and talk to you all about a concern that I have and one that it seems we share. I have an obligation and a duty to protect, and one of the biggest populations I have during the day is out there at Tiger Trail,” said Chief Ellison. “Towards the beginning of last year and the beginning of this year, it has been apparent to me that my officers are spending a lot more time between the middle and high school dealing with issues that we need to deal with. The numbers have gone through the roof, and I’m very concerned.”

   Chief Ellison and Superintendent Erma Jenkins plan to work towards more cooperation between law enforcement and the school system, whether it be an officer on campus or reinstating something like the School Resource Officer position. Chief Ellison and Superintendent Jenkins will meet to work out details for this program, which will be announced in depth at a later date.

   “This officer isn’t to go in there and cause problems,” explained Ellison. “We’re not going over there with a heavy hand, but if we see something that affects the overall safety of the school, we’re going to handle it. We’re going to build [the program] as we go.”

   “My goal is to go back to the School Resource Officer like we’ve had in the past,” said Superintendent Jenkins. “We need to get to the point where we can set these protocols in place, and this will help.”

  • Chief Ellison meets with Board of Education
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