Williams pleads guilty

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   On Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2011 Simon Lewis Williams entered a plea

of guilty (plea bargain) in the Emanuel County Superior Court to

eight counts: Counts one – three,  presence of children during the

manufacture of methamphetamine; count  four – cruelty to a child –

second degree;  count  five, aggravated battery; count six, cruelty

to a child –first degree; count seven,  manufacturing

methamphetamine; and count eight, sexual battery. 

   On January 24, 2011 the Grand Jury returned a true bill against


   Williams was sentenced to 15 years on count seven, (sexual

battery) to serve 10 with the remainder on probation; 5 years on

count eight to serve consecutive to count seven; counts 1-6 were

nol pros (an entry made on the record, by which the prosecutor

or plaintiff declares that he will proceed no further).

Conditions of the sentence include no contact with the three minor

children including the victim in this case. Williams is also banned

from the Middle Judicial Circuit, which includes Emanuel, Candler,

Jefferson, Toombs and Washington Counties.

   The mother of the children, Brittany Celeste Sconyers, was

sentenced on July 20, 2011 on 5 counts: counts one, two and three

were presence of children during the manufacture of

methamphetamine, count four was cruelty to a child in the 2nd

degree, and count seven was manufacturing methamphetamines. She was

sentenced to 15 years on counts one, two and three and they are to

run concurrently with each other. She was sentenced to ten years on

count four and it is to run concurrent with counts one, two and

three. She was sentenced to 17 years on count seven and ten years

of it is to be served concurrently with all other counts. Upon the

service of ten years, the remaining seven may be served on


   In late December 2009, the Emanuel County Department of Family

and Children Services received a tip that the three minor children

were being neglected and abused. When officers from the Twin City

Police Department and DFACS representatives arrived at the home,

they found evidence to support the allegations. The officers also

saw items in the home believed to be used in the manufacturing of

methamphetamines. East Central Georgia Drug Task Force was called

in and confirmed this. Both Williams and Sconyers were arrested at

that time.

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