Letter to the Editor

by | May 31, 2011 9:14 pm

Dear Editor:

   We are students at ECI, and

we would like to take this opportunity to respond to your recent

comments regarding our prom. 

   We completely disagree with the “attendees” that were

interviewed after the prom.  It is our collective opinion that this

year’s prom, the third in ECI’s history, was the best we have ever

held. The food was great, the DJ kept the music clean but fun to

dance to, and the decorations were beautiful.  There was no drama; 

there were no cross words at all. Everyone had a great time and

really enjoyed themselves. In fact, our proms have become so

successful that this year the Cotillion Club, a privately sponsored

spring dance, did not host an event for the first time in recent


   Students worked very hard raising money and planning the prom.

There is no estimating how much time was put into fundraising,

making the decorations, decorating the gym, preparing food and all

the other tasks that go into making a prom special for those who

attend. Our efforts were well spent because everyone had a

wonderful time Friday night and the memories that were created will

still be talked about at our class reunions.

   The prom was a wonderful event that instilled pride in every

student, parent, teacher, and this community.  Comments that

disrespected the school we love, the teachers and students who

worked so hard on the prom, our dates who accompanied us to the

dance, and our parents who helped us prepare for our special night

were inaccurate.   

   Again, we appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight,

and look forward to our next prom  and many more successful events

at ECI.   

   River Hendley, Haleigh Faircloth, Anna Rountree, Alexis Morris,

Maggie Patrick, JoBeth Walker, Jakevia Parrish, Jelisa Mincey,

Sophia Tarver, Terry Griffin, Ashanna Steele, Whitney Ealey, Amber

Jackson, Haley Williams, Brittany Sherrod, Danielle Donaldson,

Tyrone Johnson, Kayla Hadden, Tyler Lewis, Seth Frederick, Tiffani

Bady, Trell Williams, Erin Dixon, Richard Sapp, Kayla Ford, Erin

White, Tatanya Scott, Tiffany Johnson, Brandi Moore, Tyler Bates,

Octavis Gordon, Travis Tarver, Rebecca Akridge, Charity Rhoney,

Joseph Reese, Briana Swans, Anthony Sapp, Christina Vickery,

Kenyatta Jordan, Kendra Moody, Matt McReynolds, Dee Akridge, Chance

Collins, Rakia Steele, Johnna Rocker, Erin Jones, Emily Edenfield,

Payton Johnson, Ann Marie Hendley, Tayler Cannady, Zana Robinson,

Maghin Miller, Genea Gordon, Tenekia Foreman, Reginald Johnson,

Chase Sherrod, Caitlyn Baggett, Olivia Rigdon, Mitchell Whorley,

Dylan Royal, Ayris Fountain, Teah Mills, Blia Lor, Ashley Youmans,

Annette Earls, Laquan Lanier, Chris Johnson, Justin Ellison,

Sha’Quana Myers, Rakiel Bell, and Justin Geller

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