EMC’s Emergency Department embraces ASK ME 3

by | April 1, 2011 9:20 am

   The Partnership for Clear Health Communication’s flagship health

literacy program, ASK ME 3 has been wholeheartedly adopted by EMC’s

Emergency Department.

   “ASK ME 3 is a simple, three part program that encourages

patients to ask three definitive questions: What is my main

problem?  What do I need to do? and Why is it important for me to

do this?  Asking these basic questions about your health and

treatment are the first step to health literacy,” according to Dr.

Robert Wagner, EMC’s Emergency Care physician. “Engaging the

patient in his or her own care and treatment has proven, long term

results for better medical outcomes.”

   A recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics

found that fewer than one in six adults is proficient in health

literacy… barely 22%.  Basic health literacy is defined as the

ability to obtain, process and understand basic health information

and services.

   “Health literacy is paramount in achieving a good

patient/provider relationship,” adds Brenda Thompson, FNP, the

Emergency Department Director.  “No doctor, no nurse, no hospital

can bestow a healthy life on you.  Your health is the result of a

partnership between you and your healthcare providers.  You need to

know and understand what it is you have to do to help regain and

maintain your health.”

   Dr. Wagner also believes “ASK ME 3” helps promote higher levels

of patient satisfaction.  “The more you know and understand about

your treatment, the greater your sense of involvement.  I guess the

main thing for patients to understand is that we want them to ask

us questions.  It’s all about treating our patients with dignity

and respect.”

   For more information on this important initiative, go to

“color: #0000ff;”>www.npsf.org/askme3.

   Emanuel Medical Center is a fully accredited, not-for-profit

hospital serving the residents of Swainsboro, Twin City, Soperton,

Adrian, Kite, Midville, Garfield, Stillmore and unincorporated

Emanuel County.  Emanuel Medical provides Radiology, Surgical,

Laboratory, Cardio-Pulmonary, Physical Therapy and Women’s Services

as well as around-the-clock Emergency Medical Services, Trauma Care

and Emergency Transport.  EMC is currently licensed for 72 hospital

and 49 nursing home beds.

  • EMC’s Emergency Department embraces ASK ME 3
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