Celebrate National Drinking Water Week this week

by | April 29, 2011 11:33 am

  CH2MHill and the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the

authoritative resource on safe water, are celebrating Drinking

Water Week 2011 this week, recognizing our most precious natural


   “Drinking Water Week is an opportunity to focus on the

importance of water, which is too easily overlooked,” said AWWA

Executive Director David LaFrance. “A safe, reliable water supply

is essential to the success of any community. In addition to

keeping us hydrated, water also supports the economy, prevents

fires, and provides us with the high quality of life we enjoy.”

   In the past year, media reports about trace amounts of various

contaminants in drinking water have underscored the connection

between what is released into the environment and what finds its

way into source water.

   “We all have a role in protecting our water resources,” said

LaFrance. “Elected leaders can work for smart public policy that

protects source water. Agriculture operations and industry can take

steps to reduce pollution in our waterways and aquifers. And we as

consumers can properly dispose of products that are too often

flushed into the wastewater system and out to the environment.”

   Consumers can do many things to protect our water supply,

including the following:

   • Don’t overuse pesticides or fertilizers, as they can travel

through runoff and soil and contaminate ground water.

   • Dispose of used motor oil properly. One quart of motor oil can

contaminate more than 250,000 gallons of water.

   • Use detergents that are phosphate-free to save our lakes and


   • Join in a beach, stream or wetlands cleanup project.

   • Properly dispose of prescription medications and other

products that are too often flushed into the wastewater system and

out to the environment.

   National Drinking Water Week is a chance for water utilities and

the customers they serve to join together and celebrate the

immeasurable value of clean and safe water in our daily lives.

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