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by | August 2, 2010 12:00 am

Hebron BC’s youth goes to Disney World


Area Correspondence

I started to write about this subject a few weeks ago, but didn’t. Now, I’m ready to say my peace! I live about a mile from the trash dumpsite and I take my trash off with my golf cart and at the same time give my pets , Dumpster and Buster (both strays) a chance to exercise. This is what we do in the country. It is a crying shame how some people treat their pets. I see some sad things there at the dump. A little puppy had died. The mother obviously had delivered several. One made it to the dump. She had no food or water and was down in the back. I cried. She followed me home, so I fed her and gave her a place to sleep. But with my two, I cannot handle another one. I kept saying over and over,” This is not fair, this is not fair!” For the past five years that I’ve lived in the country, this story could be told many times . Please, if you can’t take care of them don’t get a pet. It takes money to feed them and it takes money to give them shots. It cost a lot to have them neutered or spayed, which is very important for your pets, so that you don’t have to take them to the dump–that’s cruel!!! If you have animals, any animals, they deserve to be taken care of.

Another incidence I will share takes the cake. I was all dressed up one Saturday going with a friend to a wedding. On the Norristown road, I almost ran over two very small puppies. They ran out in the road in front of me. Honestly, I thought I had hit them and slammed on breaks and brought my car to a screeching halt. I got out of the car. It was as hot as blazes, a scorcher. The puppies were trying to get in the car. There was no food or water in sight-not as far as I could see. Then I saw another one much older over in the ditch. Down the road a piece, I saw another one (not kin to these). Could someone put this many out in one day? I could not help this now, but when I come back along……well when I came back along, there were no dogs to be found. I wonder what happened to them?? Maybe someone came along that wasn’t dressed for a wedding! Maybe. Maybe we should just get one pet at a time.

Over in Adrian, if you haven’t seen how we’re moving up in the world, just read this. As you zip through Highway 80 look quick to the right, going west, and you will see the new dollar store, Dollar General. It just opened last week. It’s like a Wal-Mart in Adrian. “One of the biggest” they say. And if that’s not news, right downtown is a new sign store that is about to be opened on main street. More about that one later.

A belated happy birthday wish and congratulations to the beautiful daughter of Mr. Joe Hudson of Norristown. She is Miss Gabriell Hudson and she celebrated her 16th birthday on July 28,2010. Friends and relatives now wish her many , many more happy years and a bright future. Miss Hudson attends Swainsboro High School.

The Hebron Baptist Church’s youth are going to Disney World this Wednesday through Saturday. This is the prayer request for the Christians in our area. Our youth are often traveling taking mission trips and the like in the summer. It is our duty to remember to pray for their safety. (I wonder if they have an extra seat-or need another chaperon?)

Happy birthday to Mr. Kyle Hostilo, who recently celebrated his special day with a party given by his family.

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